Thursday, November 4, 2010

CoF D25

I hope you had an awesome Halloween! Here are a few Class of Fashion snapshots from the past week or two!

Ilene is so adorable. I love how she balances her playful, feminine dress with a serious-bizness jacket, yet she maintains that petite cuteness.

Lena is in my math class--she's super smart, and she has this awesome grundgy/Seattle/European style that just rocks my socks. She's a bit camera shy, so I was lucky to get a few pics!

I hope you like the photos/outfits!

click images to enlarge

Senior Ilene Darahovski

Junior Lena Lenavitch

(her response to me saying "Lena! Smile!")


Ali said...

Haha, look away, look away! These are both cute looks. :) I love the floral rocker look!

Amber Rose said...

How cute! Haha, Ali's comment. (:

I hope you're having a wonderful day lovely. And happy Late Halloween!

Jessie said...

First photo is very cool. Although what's with the guys head heh? x