Wednesday, November 10, 2010

autumn lovin'

First things first, since it's Veterans Day, I'd like to take a few moments to just thank all those who served this country. We had an assembly at our school for Veterans Day and as a local vet recalled his experience and all, it just really struck me that these people who fought for our country (and sometimes even to save other countries) are appreciative people like any of us.

'Well duh Erin, soldiers are humans too.' I know, but I mean, they appreciate every word of thanks and to say "Thank you" to every one of those soldiers is the least that I (or anyone) could do. It bugged me how kids were so restless and disrespectful towards the speaker at the assembly (a gal behind was texting like every 5 minutes) and when he asked students who had relatives who are veterans a friend of mine said "What? I don't want to stand!" I mean, c'mon!! Shouldn't we be proud of our nation?

Ok, it's almost midnight, and I'm not sure where this is going, but then I don't want to erase this just in case I am proving a point that I'm unaware of. Buttt all in all, I just want to thank our soldiers who are fighting now and those who have fought because they faced struggles unimaginable by the average person. People complain about how much homework they have, about their grades that are stinking, who's going to that party, and how they need to go shopping or facebook is crashing, but actually, what really matters? I'm glad there is a day to commemorate those who were able to think so much beyond themselves and these petty things. Without them, who knows where I/we'd be.

ALRIGHT. And in celebration of this beautiful life, the weather was gorgeous a few days ago and I took some pics! :) I had a mini-photoshoot with myself. I really want to learn bokeh. I tried to achieve the "Bokeh" effect with the green/orange leaves photos. :)

click photos to enlarge

outfit details:
dress - abercrombie and fitch
cardigan - banana republic ($8!!)
leggings - anthropologie
flats - cathy jean
necklace - ciel boutique

song of the moment -
last friday night - katy perry


Ali said...

Ahhh, lookit at the pretty fall colors! I love that first picture and the one with the leaf on the ground and light coming in lines across it. :D So pretty! Your dress is adorable, tooo. <3

musings said...

if you want bokeh, you need shallow depth of field. i'm not really sure if your camera has a function for that, but with slrs you open the aperture really wide to get bokeh in the background. i love the first pic!

Kenya said...

I love the dress is really beautiful


Jamie said...

you took some awesome photos erin!!!

Stefanie said...

Hey babe! nice photos! That's a lovely and happy song which can make me feel :D.

Estefany @ The Helmet Head said...

I love this outfit!
The tights look so good with the color of your dress.


fhen said...

these photos are so lovely
i lovethe scenery and also your outfit
such a nice post altogether
happy weekeed

Ioana Liliana Gheorghe said...

These are so beautiful! Isn't Fall just amazing?! :) oh, and thank you so much for the the loveliest of comments!


She is Sara said...

I love florals in the Fall! You look super cute with the patterned tights! I love all the bright cheerful pictures too, very sweet.

Anna said...

You are adorable, I want another photoshoot with Erin Kim! Of course of course we will have a play date in December... :)
Thanks for writing about Veteran's Day, I agree with everything you said.