Tuesday, November 23, 2010

winter menageries

first things first! i'm sorry for the majorrr blogging hiatus. i won't be totally "back" until the start of 2011 (that's when college apps should be over!) i uber want to blog--i actually have a ton of pics to post from weeks ago and multiple class of fashion photos waiting to be editted and uploaded. but i promise my blog and CF will be running in due time, just not at this time. :)

these past few days have been fabulous even tho academics have been kicking my butt. but seattle had its first snow a few days ago and now it's Thanksgiving break (nothin' like snow days!)! today i went to nordstrom rack and bought a couple of tops! i can't wait to take pics and show you!

but in the mean time, after whipping up an AP bio presentation with my friend isabelle, she took some fabulous pictures that i've been itching to share! so i hope you like them! she's a fab photographer and blogger so fo sho check out her stuff! i promise you won't be disappointed. she's quite the photographer and fashionista.

before i share the pics from our "date," here's some of her pics in which she's wearin' my cardi! (she's the chic i have been doing clothing swaps in my latest posts). she did a whole blog post mixing and matching my cardigan to her cool stuff. :]

click images to see them in their isabelle's-amazing-photog-skills glory

now here are the photos from our shindig :):) (once again, dont forget to click - they look off-the-wall up close and personal)

"it's snowing! (...you just can't see it!)"

so apparently this necklace is a lot like sailor moon's stuff.

the photographer and i. heh heh.

outfit details:
jacket - macy's
turtleneck - delias
dress/tunic-y like top - store in south korea
leggings - anthropologie
boots - papaya
necklace - ciel boutique

isabelle's jacket - juicy couture :D

also, i must say i apologize for my previous post's title. it was originally "menage a trois." i thought it was just a pretty french phrase that katy perry used in her song "last friday night" to make her song a lil classier. but it's katy perry; i should've expected more. so fortunately, my friend pointed out what that actually meant and that's gone.

i don't believe i'll be back for a few weeks so here are some blog posts of mine (and others) that should keep you excited:

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and my tumblr has something new almost evryday :)

these are some of my fav posts from the past 4-5 months! but there's a lot more you can feel free to browse as well. i'll try my best to at least post fun media/image posts. :)

and i hope everyone has a smashing turkey day/thanksgiving!
what are you thankful for this year? :)

song of the moment
sixth period - even stevens (i miss this show so much i am crying inside. when i'm done with college apps, i know what i'm watching to celebrate. and if you're not sure what to get me for xmas, i'd be glad to have the even stevens musical in my arms) ;) ;)

and here's some inspiration if ya needz:


musings said...

oh my gosh i miss even stevens so much. ren and louis were the best siblings ever. disney just doesn't make quality like that anymore.

and thank you for featuring me my dear :)

Estefany @ The Helmet Head said...

Cute pictures!
I love all the outfits.


Anonymous said...

Haha! Sailor Moon, of course.

Ali said...

Your photos are just adorable! And yay for wanting to be blogging and finishing up your college applications. Good luck on that. :) Your black button up skirt is way cute!

Samantha Elisabeth said...

Ahahah the menage a trois things made me laugh out loud.

I hope senior year is going well despite how awful it is! I hated mine, but don't worry college really IS a light at the end of the tunnel. It makes high school look like a prison.

Also, these pictures are absolutely stunning!