Monday, October 15, 2012

midnight muse: CB2

somehow i found a 15% off coupon to CB2 in my mailbox and although i dont think i'm actually going to buy anything, i sure am ready for christmas with a fresh wishlist. from searching for a practical shoe rack to just ooh-gling and ahh-gling over awesome things, story of my midnight life drenched with procrastination. 

i have been so involved with social media (i mean, i tweet/am the social media 'guru,' as they say, for nbcuniversal interns). i am just in love with this from CB2. it's just all of who i am right now. ALL OF IT.

that's just cute.

that's just also cute. love cool designs, sometimes wish i could just be a graphic design major all my life and days and seconds and brain cells. 

because i'm still all about media right now. IT'S AMAZING. TAKING OVER THE WORLD.

CB2 needs to stop selling awesome things.

but for some odd reason i dont think they're going to listen to my plea.

so at this point i'm just dying of desire

it's still midnight and i'm still drowning in beautiful glory

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