Sunday, October 14, 2012

perks of being AWESOME

As much as I might dis Seattle because the culture and shielded aura of the people are not my cup of tea, I wouldn't have changed my PNW experience for anything. I say that mostly because of the friendships I've made--I know, SO CHEESY. I've never considered myself a person capable of feeling 'homesick,' but when I built friendships like I did in Seattle and had to leave "forever," home had a whole new meaning. 

Since I moved out of the West Coast to the East Coast, basically another country, no one really visits me--understandably. BUT THIS FALL BREAK, my chum came over for the weekend from school at U of Rochester and we had a SMASHING time. Here's a photo diary of the fun. 

Fall break in the city--with friends--there's nothing like it.

#1 Big Gay Ice Cream Shop

Salty Pimp


#2 Colors of East Village 

#3 Lincoln Center

This photo reminds me of Christmas (WHICH I am BEYOND STOKED for. BEYOND) 

A ridiculous tourist-y shot because we are never able to find someone to take legit photos of us. 
You have to laugh if you look at this photo. You just have to. 

#~ when Une Paire de Oxfords meet again. because the travels never end. 

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Jamie said...

I miss you two! Looks like you had so much fun! Jealoussss. Wish I had you both here to help me dress well too...although there aren't many options in 80 and 90 degree weather anyway :/