Sunday, October 21, 2012

four for you: 1 coat 2 ways and other things

Now that I live in a different dorm, I don't have a go-to outfit post location to shoot, so I have resorted to my most professional spot--in front of my kitchen mirror. Hey, it's intimate. Despite not being able to utilize my DSLR, for lack of a tripod and feasible location, I do my best to make my terrible-quality android photos as classy as they can potentially be. Here are some recent outfits.


 A different coat really pushes you to think about your entire outfit. My snazzy friend Sherry let me borrow her's from Free People and I've been loving it unabashedly. It's just right for NYC's currently wonky weather. Sherry is kind of a bamf kid so I feel very bamf prone in this coat. I love clothing swaps (although this one was not so much a swap as it was a one sided deal) because I'm challenged to style my outfits a little differuntly. Maybe that's why I've been wearing it so much, I love a good challenge. YEA BUDDY. (or "GAP BODY" as I like to say with Sherry)




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