Thursday, June 24, 2010

because every girl likes to dress up :)

remember this gal - anna - from a post a while back?...

well, i got to see her recently in a longgg time (i think it's been... 2 years?! oh wow.. that's longer than i thought :-O). and the simple dress she wore totally reminded me of miu miu's fall/winter 2010 collection! maybe it's the cut, the bright colors and the jewel details, but anywho, you are too cute anna - too cute.

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the bursts of color embellished with meticulous details on a simple frock are just rockin. i really like the bold, retro style of the flowers and dress design mixed with that tech-y silver color - an innovative yet feminine combination!

via fallie

here's a behind the scenes-ish video of W magazine's photoshoot for miu miu:

and now some news for ya'll. :)

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A few weeks ago, a fellow blogger friend invited me to join and I was like 'I ain't makin' no random accounts,' but this one is something I really like and it's totally relevant to people who like dresses and or who enjoy getting their voice heard in the fashion industry.

Sway lets normal girls be the fashion buyers and designers: when you make an account, you get to vote for looks that you like and critique them. Then, the look with the most votes will be produced to go on sale and be sold to members for 24-hours at a discounted price. After the "flash sale," the items will be sold at full retail price for non-members.

You can check out this behind the scenes video of their photoshoot. Nice cinematography eh? (I don't know the 'correct' term, but what I mean is the video scenes, angle, etc.) :)

Sway is launching in the Fall, so sign up soon! :) And if you'd like to join, you can become a member via my personal invite. And invite your friends as well! A nice incentive: if any of your friends buy a dress, then you get one free, too. :)

Wow, that was a longgg post! Eek! I hope you have a great friday!

Song of the moment -
Barcelona - It's About Time (i need to add that to my playlist, but you can find it here)


magpie said...

Hey Erin!!
Sway sounds really cool, I may have to check it out!
I love those dresses- your friend is adorable! You two make an adorable pair :)

And of course!! I read every word in your blogs- because I know when i write, I wish that people would read it. Hehe :) that's what blogs are for yeah?? and you only ever have wonderful, insightful things to say!

I half designed my blog layout, half got it from somewhere else. Ugh. I really have no idea how to do an html one. All I did was organize the layout how I wanted through the default designer (adujusting widths, lengths ect.) and then borrowed an image for my background from photobucket, and then..that was that. It's really not that fancy because I am DEFINITELY blog deficient. It's still not what I want- but I don't have the knowledge TO make it how I want ya know??

Good luck!!

magpie said...

OH!!! And I LOVE Barcelonaa!! I have met them twice. They are amazzzing. I met them once when they opened for Mat Kearney (another one of my loves! I met him then too, and he wasn't famous AT ALLLL!) and another time when they came back on their own!

Rachel said...

Anna is so cute! Love her outfits!

Karen said...

The firts outfit it's so pretty!! thank's for Miu Miu video, love it!!

Have a nice weekend!

Marz said...

Oooo, that Sway thing sounds awesome! I've read about it on other blogs as well, but I'm really intrigued if it is really that democratic about fashion, I should join in too. I may have to ask you to invite me :)
Love the dress that Anna is wearing, it's incredibly cute! And it has less bling than the miu miu one, so its perfect for day time.

La Société de Mode | The Fashion Society said...

great post!! your friend anna is adorable, and after looking at the Miu Miu collection, i not only fell in love with their collection but totally agree with your sentiments on how your friends dress resembled a lot of pieces from their collection!! thakns for sharing sway, btw, i will def. check it out

i stumbled across your blog and love it! great content and writing style.<3

Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} said...

How amazing and vibrant, I love all of those colours! Anna is so pretty with great style. I hope you are having a great weekend!


J. said...

Ok, I signed up...I'm very curious!
Your blog keeps getting better and better by the way! Miu Miu had some of the most fun looks for the season, I'm in love with the texture, crystals, color, well, everything! Not as serious as it can sometimes be, very fun!

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