Saturday, June 26, 2010

a thousand words

so a few days ago, my mom went to her "Talk Time" session to practice her English with other community members and I hung out at their church's library. I didn't know the library had so many picture opportunities! I bought my biology review book, college viewbooks for researching, and old journals to stimulate my college app essay ideas, but i didn't get to any of them because I was taking pics! if you need a place for pics i definitely recommend libraries! you'd be surprised! and this one was a teeny tiny one.

i haven't seen one of these in ages - so long that i don't even remember the name... card reader things? :{

two beautiful words, right beside each other. (well animal was actually between them, but shhh...)

after taking myriad pictures, i ended up creating a story and playing around with gifs! so here we go! (anything in parenthesis is commentary)

on a warm summer day
erin decided to visit the cool library to stay
she saw some interesting books
and read em to the nooks! (i dont know if that's an actual slang phrase, but now it is!)

gif creator

then all of a sudden
a furry critter came along
and asked "can you read me a story?
i promise to get along!"

gif creator

at first erin was hesitant
and swayed to the back
but when she said "ok! i'll read you a A Kids Guide to TV!,"
mr. racoon brought his whole pack!
(sorry about the underlines... i dont know how to get rid of them)

gif creator

the daunting library animals scared erin at first
but their sweet looks and attention to her words
made getting closer so fun! (lost my rhyme D:, lemme know if you think of a word/phrase for this one)

gif creator
soon enough she made library friends like no other
and gave mr. racoon a friendly kiss
with the love of a mother
(that chair is super small, but fit me very well!)


children's books and stuff animals are wonderful! :)

outfit details
cardigan - papaya
dress - hollister
shoes - at a garage sale for a buck (brand new too!) :)

song of the moment
one night only - say you don't want it (featuring emma watson)


Anonymous said...

I hope people weren't giving you weird stares while you were reading to the animals. XD
and I thought libraries were only places to study.

Asteria said...

lol that's super cool!:D

Karen said...

Jajjaja me encantan tus imágenes!!!


Anonymous said...

Cool song- haven't heard of it before :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for dropping by,
I'm now a follower :-)

Wendan said...

Hahah that was super cute. I like your dress btw :)
If you have any questions, you can e-mail me any time at li(dot)wendan(at)gmail(dot)com

J. said...

You have the greatest imagination! I loved your I want to go to the's been years!

nickyboutique said...

The pics are very nice ♥

Missy M said...

i love it!

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