Monday, June 28, 2010

2204355: SURPRISE

Things you should do today:
  • Google 2204355 and click "I'm Feeling Lucky." It will blow your mind in the strangest way. That pretty much made my day!
  • Watch this quick stop motion:

FLUFFY MC CLOUD from conorfinnegan on Vimeo.

Now there's a reason why you shouldn't get mad at the rain! :)
  • And if you like breath-taking underwater images, this video is for you: (my favorite parts: 2:20-2:35, 2:47-2:50, 2:55)

Socorro Solmar V from Darek Sepiolo on Vimeo.

Let me know what you think of the clips and the link. ;D ;D

It's been a while since I've done an outfit post because lately I've been lounging in my PJ's all day - that's summer for me! :D My first day interning was this past Monday! I'm not sure if I got to meet Delilah, because her name was not Delilah when I met her - if it was her. So....yeahhh, but I did meet a lot of the other crew and they are such friendly people! They really are different from normal people - personality and outgoing-ness wise - if y'know what I mean. They were willing to talk about almost anything at anytime, and everyone had a smile on their face when I was introduced to them. :)

Last week, I hung out at my friend Jamie's house (she's got the prettiest backyard facing a gorgeous lake!). We practiced for our upcoming "mini-recital" which is going to consist of Mendelssohn's On Wings of Song - totally recommend it! it's beautiful, and Rondo-Finale by Joseph Haydn (I think...) Jamie is the flutist and I am the pianist! I'm so excited! There's nothing like playing music with a friend. There is also going to be much cheese and intertubing! (Don't worry - not together, that would not be so... tasteful).

Anyway, here's what I wore that day! :)

(you get a peek into my room)


knk said...

nice outfit looks great lovely cloud video

Jamie said...

haha cute cloud video :]
and i loved your outfit that day! I can't remember if i told you :P
We need to set a date for our mini recital! And figure out who will actually want to come. :P

Marz said...

Adorable outfit Erin! I love the stripes, I've been so into stripes lately I'm kind of in overload!
The video is so cute! And that flower is insanely pretty! I would love to hear you play piano, you should really think about posting it up on your blog!

magpie said...

I love the flower picture! I'm obsessssed with flowers lately and that one is so cute! (and also artistic, just in case you didn't think I was complimenting your photography!) :)

Also, adorable dress, I love the crochetish detail on the top!

And Passion Pit kicks buttt. I love that song!

your blog buddy:)
oh and P.S. my dear posted pictures on my latest blog post of Europe!

Anonymous said...

Cute dress! The stripes are lovely.

Sara Lynn said...

Love the cloud video! I adore that dress, you look so sweet. Hooray for summer and sitting around in pj's :)

La Société de Mode | The Fashion Society said...

HAHHAHA I tried the Google thing, hilarious! thanks so much for sharing!!

You (and the dress) are as cute as a button!

Catherine said...

Ah, sadly I can't see the videos, but I can see the lovely photos you've posted - you clearly have an eye for photography, judging by the photo of the flower :)

And I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty excited to see someone else wearing that dress. I love it - it's so simple but just enough! It looks great on you.

In regards to the comment that you left on my post about "my favorite fashion discovery," I completely agree. I'm wearing American Eagle shorts right now... but the whole outfit is "me." I just used to be set against them, then I caved. Many people are against such brands because they're so "mainstream", but still shop at Forever 21 - a bit contradictory.

xox Catherine

Ana said...

Love this dress on you:)
You are so feminine and cute and so so chic:)

Lots of hugs

Karen said...

Nice outfit! that dress it's so lovely and femenine.

Have a nice day!

J. said...

Fluffy McCloud is too cute!

J. said...

PS- I didn't know you played the piano! So cool!