Friday, July 2, 2010

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Last weekend I had the honor of watching Toy Story 3 which, I believe, is one of those true American Disney animation classics. I don't think there will be such ... good and pure - I can't think of better words - movies like that anymore.

I'm not booing movies like Where the Wild Things Are, Alice in Wonderland, and may I dare say, Harry Potter. Don't get me wrong, those are nice movies in themselves, but they don't touch the core of childhood, of good ol' Disney joy, of American...ness. There just ain't no mo' classic, old school goodness...if y'know what I'm sayinnn. ;)

This reminds me of the animation before the movie - I think it's called "Day and Night." I really enjoyed it! It looked great 3D!

I definitely cried like five times - when the toys were holding hands and about to die, at the end, and throughout. I didn't cry because I was sad or scared (except for that one scene - talk about intense!), but mainly because, there's just nothing like this - pure, not super-graphic-tainted entertainment.

I especially teared up at the beginning when they reviewed the home videos. (click this trailer link to see the scene). I feel like you can't find stuff like Toy Story in this generation, but I'm sooo happy, that I got to be part of this generation and still live to see a classic like Toy Story. I'm sorry I'm not very detailed; I think the feeling is so beautiful and simple that I just can't describe it. :)

That monkey was seriously the scariest monkey I've ever seen.
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Here's the Toy Story 3 teaser trailer.

Anyway, enough of my Toy Story ramble! If you read any of this post, READ THIS: WATCH TOY STORY 3. YOU WONT REGRET IT! :)

And here's one of my favorite TV commercials: (you get a peak into my dinner. I always laugh at these as my mom and I eat dinner and watch Cash Cab) :)

I also enjoy the Ally commercials. Kids are the bomb:

song of the moment
vampire weekend - giving up the gun

but this video - oxford comma - is pretty stellar! i like modern lacoste-y feel. jake gyllenhaal is also very likable. ;D


Catherine said...

I'm very ashamed to say I still haven't seen it! But I agree - this is one of the movies of our generation.

Zaia said...

these pub are really funny,i didnt see the one with the red car truck,
i'm planing to go see toy story with my lil siter monday, i cant wait! im such a child,, i love disney!
vampire weekend is definitly sick,theyre comming to my city in september, cant wait!
xx, zaia
ps, thanks for the uke video siggestions, its a cool idea!

Tere said...

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I love your style, very elegant and modern!
Good photos!!
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musings said...

oh vampire weekend. they seem to like having jake gyllenhaal do cameos.

J. said...

I haven't seen Toy Story 3 yet, but I may take my nephew. He's a little scardy cat, but hopefully he'll make it through...
And I love these commercials as well! Lately, the commercials have been better than some least something is entertaining!