Sunday, July 4, 2010


I'm so thankful I live in America. As an Asian American, and after living in South Korea for two years in middle school, I've really learned to appreciate every little bit of American life - being able to drive on smooth, clean pavement, the opportunity to intern at a renown company, being sincerely welcomed by people are shopping stores (they don't do that in most European stores! And in Korea, they creep me out when they welcome me), the freedom to worship God without being discriminated, and not being judged by my looks even though I'm not yet 5 feet (I get made fun of about my height in Asia more than here!).

I would write more, but I've got to head to WARM 106.9's Freedom Fair! I'll be sure to post pics later! :)

For now, here are some pictures I think are relevant to the awesome American birthday. (These are labeled as "random pictures" but I actually chose them carefully! Hopefully you can catch why I chose them too.) :)

(red, white and blue color theme) :)

America's bird, mod style?

from American Beauty (get it? heh heh)

and for more "American" inspiration, check out some highlights of America's Got Talent audtions hand-picked by people at Yahoo! TV.

God bless America, and God bless you! :)


maggeygrace said...

Aww, this is cute, and I loved viewing the 4th from your perspective! It really makes me appreciate America and it's freedoms more :)
Your pictures, as always, are so cute and uplifting! I love the bike one:)

Tere said...

me encantan las gafas rojas!
me alegra k te gustara la entrada de los zapatos, la verdad es k donde este un buen tacon!
me encanta tu blog tambien! :P

libys11 said...

i love it!!! the images are so refreshing and they made me smile!! happy 4th of july! :D

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J. said...

Happy 4th too you (a bit late.) I hope you had fun!

Alex said...

hhahaa I loved the american beauty photo! hahahaha super cool :)