Wednesday, July 7, 2010

yo no soy el marinero

I feel like my life has been made up of a lot of water, boats, and ... sailor-y stuff - riding a boat with my friend in... 7ish years, watching fireworks above a lake, eating dinner by Puget Sound, and buying seashell jewelry! but "yo no soy el marinero! soy el capitan!" ;D

So here we go!

Last week, Banana Republic had a huge sale and I was lucky enough to buy this snazzy seashell necklace! It wasn't quite cheap - $22 - but I think it was well worth the dough. :)

click images to enlarge - most of them look extra cool up close!!

(click to see the details up close)

This weekend, I also went to downtown Seattle and ate dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory for my friend's Graduation Party. Boy, it was delicioso! I took some pics on the Piers of Seattle. :)

once again, these images look off the heezay when close up!

And here are some snapshots of my Independence Day journey! I wish I could post the pictures of children smearing their face in Marionberry Pie, adults snatching with their teeth at real dollah bill$ digging their way in a kiddie pool (without water of course!), and many more Kodak moments, but I may be violating their privacy rights or something. So, I shall leave those visuals to your imagination! For now, here's what I got:

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I had never seen fireworks so close before. Every pop and cackle was enthralling. I loved how each fraction of a second, you could expect something new - rockets of stars in different colors, shapes and even textures! I felt like I could just touch the lights as they popped into the sky before my eyes - it was like a real 3D movie!

Most of all, I loved the reflection of the lights on the Washington water. You could look at the water's ridges and experience another dazzling show.

Fireworks - you put me in awe. :)

I recorded a clip of some of the gorgeous fireworks I saw last Saturday for ya'll!
(Sorry it's sideways! I don't know how to rotate videos...)

You'll find interesting people in Washington - all of America actually! :)

I love their July 4th spirit! I wish I had gear like that to express my American pride!

I also met this wonderful Japanese college exchange student who's also interning at WARM! I just love meeting new people - especially when they're nice and friendly! We got along quite swell! :)

And at church, I was lucky enough to see a performance by Texan singer, Coffey Anderson! This video won't do justice, but man, his beautiful voice is just mesmerizing! His album is coming out in September, so be on the look out - I will be! :)

song of the moment
The Kooks - Jackie Big Tits (the song title is quirky, but the "you only go around, round, round" part is very relevant to my life at the moment)
song of the... old moment?
Brooks & Dunn - Only in America
(I forgot to mention this was my song of the day for July 4th yesterday, but better late than never! Pride for America shouldn't be restricted to a single day right?)

Dream as big as you want to...


maggeygrace said...

Your 4th looks like a blast- I love all of your pictures! Seattle is so gorgeous and you definitely capture it well :)

Love that necklace! I wish I could go to a banana republic!:)

maggeygrace said...

Your 4th looks like a blast- I love all of your pictures! Seattle is so gorgeous and you definitely capture it well :)

Love that necklace! I wish I could go to a banana republic!:)

Zabrinah said...

Great blog! I had to look back a couple of posts.
I just had to say, the pictures you take are pretty nice. Do you have a passion for photography?

Anyway, best wishes from one blogger to another,


S.Elisabeth said...

Ah I love that title. La Bamba was the only song I ever had to memorize for spanish class, and to this day I annoy my family by singing it haha.
And I'm glad you've been having such a lovely time! That necklace is gorgeous!

Marz said...

Awesome post as always Erin! The firework pictures were amazing, I love seeing fireworks! I heard the 4th of July ones in the states are always amazing! I am in love with that seashell necklace from BR. I've never seen it here in Canada or I would have scooped it up for myself! And its always nice to find awesome people to be working with, it makes life that much easier!

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

The necklace is cute, I really like it. I also love these beach photos, looks like a good day.

And thanks for the comment on my blog, na I don't have a new camera, I wish, haha. :)

J. said...

The sky in your pictures = gorgeous! Seriously, your camera skills are great!

And from what I've seen lately, $22 is a good price for any Banana Republic jewelry...great score!

Asteria said...

that necklace is just GORGEOUS!!!

Anonymous said...

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