Friday, June 18, 2010

60 something days of summer

so it's been 2 days since i haven't had to wake up to my relentless alarm clock at 6:06 am - i'm lovin it! and in just a couple of days, i'll be starting my internship and then in a month i'm off to korea, so i've gotta play hard now or never! thus, i went to my friend's amazing house and watched my friends intertube - i wasn't jealous because the water was freezing cold, hence the huge jackets. today's post is more of a personal, nostalgic, end of the year post! enjoy :))

(and the title of the post is referring to the movie, and summer vacation is about 60 days ish - just in case you didn't catch that) :)

we are "high on hello kitty popsicles" as my science teacher would say.

sydney is always school cool with her coolio jeggings.
(my eyes are like lines in this pic. seriously.)

rockin' the box-y look!

AP English was a goot class. or should i say, an exquisite period of my day that is unforgettable. meh, i tried to use vivid, connotative verbs, but it was just redundant. let's just say, it was one of my favorite classes and i always looked forward to english. yeah!

supa fly

me fav seniors got dressed up for the final presentations for spanish class. :) their presentation was on frida kahlo (uni brow? yea yea?)

passed Spanish 4 (AP Spanish!)

rockin' the grayy

we love espanol (with a tilde)!!

holla for da azns.

my fav pic of the day.

i like this picture a lot. i think it's senior photo worthy. :)) what a perty ladee.

she's not only ON a boat, she's driving one! ;)


EPCO concert: one of the first violinists. she is rockin' and her dress was gorgeous like her music!

art appreciation club love!

waddup queen lizzie?


have a great weekend! this saturday my mom and i are having a garage sale and i can't wait! i love garage sales (the ones that actually sell good stuff, not junk) and doing garage sales! more pics to come. peace out bloggers!

song of the moment -
home - edward sharp and the magnetic zeros (on my playlist)


Becca said...

Aw, are you sad to be leaving high school? It's bittersweet I'm sure. That's what they say, right?
And is everyone asking you, "So what are your plans?"
"What do you want to do with your life?"
(so I won't ask, ha ha)
A garage sale sounds like a wonderful way to spend the weekend!
Have fun Erin!

nickyboutique said...

Nice pics, seems fun!

Jamie E said...

ahh yay!
this summer's gonna be so fun :]
and i will miss ms null's class so much!!!

magpie said...

OMG I'm OBSESSEDDD with home by edward sharpe and the magnetics right now...holy cow! Like, my boy and I have been listening to it together for a month or so now! It's "our" song :):)

Your year looks fabulous and all of your friends look like so much fun! The picture you took of your friend is so pretty!

Also that english class looks superb!

Why is english always the most fun class? It seems to be universal :)


Asteria said...

ooh Korea, always wanted to go there!have fun!!:)

Marz said...

Really adorable! Your pictures make me yearn for my high school days and the best times and laughs my girl friends and I would share over random things. Enjoy it! Also, that dog is so super adorable!

Missy M said...

fun photos sweetie!

Blending Style, Beauty and Fashion

nickyboutique said...

Thanks for your sweet comment :)
And of course we can follow each other, I'm following you right now!

Persis Shah said...

lovely pics!

p.s dont forget to check out the giveaway contest on my blog.


Deborah said...

nice pics !!!

rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

awwww! i love these photos :) you all look so fun and happy...have a beauitful, relaxing summer!

Sara Lynn said...

I loved all the photos! That one with you and the box was cute!