Friday, May 7, 2010

finally i get to breathe

i took my AP US History exam today and i feel so free! now i can sleep, and actually do all my homework and not procrastinate! no, i'll probably still procrastinate, but the after effects will be much less worse. i felt like hugging everyone i saw as soon as i put my pencil down at the end of the test! HALLELUJAH! i can breathe now!

here are some pictures and videos from the week :) (click photos to make larger)

monday: took the AP Spanish exam and i dont think i did so well. i was half-asleep during the multiple choice and i missed something in the speaking part. oh well, maybe there'll be a miracle. hopefully i get at least a four!

and this is a spanish short film i saw at my school's art appreciation club.

short film / SPIDERBOY / Ignacio Estaregui from ignacio ESTAREGUI on Vimeo.


there was a snail on my porch!! and picnik editting is so much fun. :]


hoodie - from store in Austria (only 5 euros! probably the cheapest thing i found there)

thursday: mother's day card idears:

friday: sprockets is so funny
my favorite parts: 2:00 and 4:51

p.s. i'm thinking about starting a "school/street fashion" kind of project where i take pictures of fashionable outfits at my high school that are cool -kinda like the sartorialist except with high school kids and my not-as-professional digital camera. what do you think? i'm kinda shy to go to random angsty teens, asking to take pics of their oufits, but if you guys are for it, then i'll do it. :) lemme know your thoughts!


Catherine said...

I took Spanish too! I had Stat the same day so I don't really remember anything from that day - I still have two more! congrats that you're done two :)

Leona said...

The hoodie is cute! :)

jamiesuee said...

i like your street fashion idea.
and i felt the same way after my calc exam :]

magpie said...

I'm in love with your hoodie!! SO cute. the colors are darling.

I like the street fashion idea so much! I would be too shy to do that I think....especially since my school has 400 kids in it and it probably would get around that I'm really weird. but you go to a big school where it wouldnt be a big deal at all. go for it:)

J. said...

Adorable hoodie!

I think it would be a great to start a high school fashion series!

musings said...

do the street fashion! yesss

smiley13tree said...

wow it's awesome to find bloggers my age! I took the AP US test on friday too haha. Bio was my last one though. I love your clothes (: