Saturday, May 8, 2010

love & other things

at the seattle olympic sculpture park

(from 2 years ago in austria)
(i know, so cheesy xD i made this for mother's day last year)

happy mother's day!

so after that one post i had a while ago in which i ranted about my bitter relations with my mom, things got a little better, but things just don't feel the same anymore. i dont think i smile, laugh or joke with my mom as much, but i still muster tears of thankfulness inside when i think about the things my mom does to help me and to simply be my mother. it's seriously annoying when she doesn't let go of me, but when i remember i can't do anything without her, i stop myself from complaining.

i'm glad that there are days like these i can really think about the importance of a mother. thus, i'd like to say, thank you mom for being my mom.
thank you for hemming my all my pants, for making me delicious dinners, for picking out great clothes, for driving me to school when it's still dark in the morning, for planning your schedule around mine, for teaching me things i never would have known, for being at my birthday parties, for caring for me when no one else did, for thinking of me every second of your life (since you've had me of course), for dreaming about my dreams and not yours, for saying you love me and for simply being there instead of through a telephone call or email. i dont even want to think about what my life would be like without you. thanks mom.


life has been pretty swell lately! today i made crepes to celebrate my friend's birthday and yesterday i went to the local art walk! it feels like ages since i've last done something fun! my favorite part was seeing art by students from my high school! i'll post pictures of the art walk later, but here's just a preview:

and these were by students! :-O

oh! and another exciting thing, i drove by myself for the first time today! i've had my license for a long time, but my mom has always tagged along. it was so much fun to drive around by myself and listen to the strokes! weee!! :)

(sometimes my camera does this weird stripe-y thing that i dont know how to stop!!! D:)
jacket - billabong
dress - h&m (austria)
scarf - h&m
bag - h&m
leggings - american eagle

songs of the moment
boys with girlfriends - meiko
something good can work - two door cinema club
(both on playlist)


janettaylor said...

Adorable post, my dear!

jamiesuee said...

oo so exciting to drive by yourself! :]

thanks for the suggestion about my blog's future. :] maybe i will update just every friday or something and sum up the three best things about my week, then sunday the best about my weekend. plus some inspirational picture or phrases or thoughts. yeah. thanks!

magpie said...

haha! I LOVE boys with girlfriends :):) It's been my theme song for the past few weeks- except, as you know, I DID get the guy in the end :) when he had a girlfriend! EEEE!

I love this post. LOVE. LOVEEEE I love everything you said about your mom, I feel like I can relate. I feel like there comes a point when you loathe your mother for "controlling" you and telling you what she wants you to do, then there comes the point when you grow up some and accept that it's because she loves you and wants the best for you, and then there comes to the point when you can be close friends again. For me, I'm in the last stage. I used to fight with my mom constantly...and then we stopped joking around like you said, but I realized it was out of love that she was making decisions for me..and now that I'm 18 and an adult myself, we are getting closer all the time.



Anonymous said...

This is very sweet :)
Mothers day in England was about 2 months ago now. Hope you had a nice day.

Selma said...

hi! Nice pictures! :) The one picture with you holding the ballons looks nice even though it has these stripes in it. I think it looks kind of polaroid but more unique! :)

Karen said...

Very sweet pics! I specially like the las photo ;)

Have a nice day!

Sick by Trend said...

ohhhh Lovely post!!! :D and fantastic your outfit at the last picture!!

look our blog and if you like it, follow us!!

xxx from Spain!!


Hannah said...

How sweet are you. Thanks for the comment! I love your striped dress. The colors are great.

And don't worry once you leave your parents (college, job, etc.) you appreciate them soooooo much more. My mom has definitely become my Best friend! It's weird how things work out huh?

Alex said...

your blog is adorable!

J. said...

Beautiful note of appreciation to your mom...
Remember, things might not be the same, but everyone and everything moves on and changes. It can only be understood in the future...It's the best I can tell you...

Anonymous said...

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