Friday, December 3, 2010

hoping to hear airwaves say snow day...

i've completed 5 college apps and i have...7 left. :D i dont like to admit that because i know it's a bunch and people are like 'why youz applyin to so many? you are a silly overachieving asian.' but the truth is, i actually love all these schools i'm applying to and i'm not applying to them just cuz they have a nice name. when people ask me how many i'm applying to, i'm guilty of those white lies and i say i'm applying to like 8ish, and they're still like +_+, but i feel that i should be honest on my blog, because that's why i like my blog, so there's that! i should be doing those apps right now, but once again, i felt the urge to blog, as i always do, but don't really have the time for.

anyway, more life news, for my school's broadcast tv announcements program, i made a video called "fashion friday" in which i showcased different students and their outfits at my school! i loved doing it and next week i'm hoping to go a little comedic and make it a hip hop special, showcasing 'gangsta' outfits at my school (although there aren't many. my school's pretty white...). i wish i could upload it on my blog, but i'm not sure if that's violating their privacy, etc. :S

speaking of fashion stuff for school, i'm also writing an article for my school's magazine about street fashion and everyday fashion at my school. fashion is really permeating my life and i love it! when we're brainstorming for article ideas or story ideas for the broadcasting class, whenever the topic has to do with the arts, especially fashion, i just love it and get really excited! i feel like this is a sign that it's something i should look into as a career, but it's weird for me cuz i never thought i'd be doing fashion stuff since i'm definitely not a "cool" or "hip" kid. i don't own any high end designer clothes, and i really don't feel fashionable, but i love showcasing other fashion savvy people! it's awesome! so thanks again to blogging and all those fashion bloggers because fashion has definitely become a big part of my life. :)

and a few weeks ago, my school's ASB picked me as most school spirited senior girl for the month of october! it was really awesome and touching as well. i've always loved school spirit and to be honest, i felt like i never really got recognized for it, but when i was least expecting it, SHABAM. it was funny too because when they came into the room to tell me, i thought it was for someone else so i was like YAYYY!! with my hands in the air, and they're like 'it's for...ERIN' and i still had my hands in the air and i was like no way!!!! yup, that's the story of the day. haha.

and to give you a tiny glimpse of the 'fashion friday' video i made, here's the outfit i wore in the video while i interviewed people! :)

click photos to enlarge

outfit details:
dress - urban outfitters
tights - anthropologie
necklace - ciel boutique

i bought that dress at an urban outfitters black friday shoppin' spree. i feel like my closet is not, or at least the older me. a lot of my clothes are from years ago and i have some pieces that are new of course, but in general, i just wasn't feelin my closet...until i went to UO's black friday sale! :D

i've never actually participated in black friday shopping before, but for the first time, my mom (she has never black friday shopped too) and i woke up early to go to their sale and due to traffic etc, we got there are 9:15ish am, and their sale ended at 10. so we were like major rummaging and such. it was actually really funny how serious we were. but it was fabulous, i bought about 10 pieces of clothes from there which rarely happens because usually cool stores don't fit me. but it was a holiday miracle. :) since i bought so many items, my mom is saving most of them as christmas presents, so i can't show you them all yet, but here's a sweater dress that i got to wear early! :) (it's actually a tunic, but works as a dress for me. haha.) i can't wait to show you (after christmas that is) the other items i bought ! and after christmas, i'll actually have more time to blog!!! yipperrooooo!!

now for some photos from the snow days last week before thanksgiving (speaking of which, i hope everyone had a great one!).

yes, i'll admit i'm slightly creeper, i wasn't following the guy in the bicycle around, but i thought it was just so perfect and scenic (but thinking about it...who rides their bike in inches of snow?...)

and since it's december, merry early christmas! :)

speaking of the holidays, here are some printable holiday gift tags courtesy of my owl barn!

also, i think these dress collages are adorable and so appropro for the holidays. :)

songs of the moment -
there are so many songs i'm listening to recently! hope you don't mind the but here's the one from which i got my blog post title from (discovered it via starbucks commercial!):

and this song is so funny: the salmon dance - the chemical brothers (you can already tell it's hilarious, i mean 'the salmon dance'?) and if you're feelin' some more chemical brothers: do it again. they're music is really good and they're quite the comedians, at least in my opinion!
and cuz i love christmas (this song is really catchy):


Amber Rose said...

"You silly, bicycle stalking, overachieving Asian!"

I like you. :D

I, too, applied to several schools. They all had so much to offer, and I wanted to figure out where I could get in and what scholarships I was eligible for! It's very wise of you to apply to many-- best to apply to extras and turn them away than to miss out on a great school since you didn't apply!

(My gosh, I cannot type today. There are several type-o's in this comment. Spell-check corrected some, but 15 points if you can find the rest.)

That fashion video for you school must have been so much fun! Did they let you miss class to film? I remember when I took a video comm class, we could use our "projects" as get-out-of-class-free tickets. Good times, good times.

Wishing you well, dollface. <3

PS: I absolutely love these photos. Your poses are so lovely all the time-- like UO lookbook! Teach me. <3

Catherine said...

Ooh, I love your outfit, Erin!

I've completed 4 apps and I have 4 (maybe 5) left... 2 of which are due by the end of this week! Eeks!

Hope all is well! xox

char said...

ah i'm pretty scared for the time i have to think about college apps. x( i have 2 more years left.

great sweater dress! i love nautical stuff. i think i saw that in the store, on black friday haha.

thanks for checking out my blog!:)

tegan said...

thanks for your comment :) england has it's upsides and downsides - winter is it's upside (sometimes) ... i love your blog, it's like mine but across the pond, haha! xo

Chelsea Lane said...

hey girl! oh my goodness I love your blog! love hearing how you're bringing fashion to the masses with your vids + newspaper. I hope you get to upload them! you have a lovely blog :)

xoxo following!

Claudia Paola. said...

Heya! You look great in your sweater dress! I really like the colors, and I'm always a sucker for those sailor anchor buttons. Good luck with your college apps- I remember doing that and I hated it, but I was so glad when it was over. And it will be before you know it!

*Claudia* xo
Molto ❤ Fashion

emily said...

your dress is sweet! :) i like the picture with all the snow! xx

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

love your tights!" x hivennn.