Tuesday, June 8, 2010

class of fashion: d-10 school cool

i can't believe that at this same time next year, i'll know where i'll be spending the next four years of my life and i'll be done with high school...forever!!! today our school had an end of the year senior graduation assembly and it really struck me how soon i'll be graduating. i wasn't so excited for senior year until recently when i saw the seniors' prom pics and really felt the whole graduation hype. it really makes graduation felt so close and now i'm just so excited to go to college :)

but then again, it's definitely not going to be the same without the seniors. i dont even know how to describing my feeling of loss and emptiness! it's strange to think that i just saw a lot of them today for the last time - in the flesh! (if y'know what i mean) - and now i'll only know them through their facebook pictures and emails. i guess a lotta good things have to come to an end. even today, classes just weren't the same without their presence and the environment felt so empty!! i really love you guys; ya'll have made an impact in my life like no other and i'm sure you know who you are. :)

anyway, a while back, i mentioned that our school's video communications team is doing an awesome school wide lip sync video and it's finally on youtube! maybe you can spot me? :) i'm not a fan of my blue face, but i'm a fan of my school, so it's all good. i love my school so much! and this video makes me even prouder to be a purple and gold eagle. yeah...i'm cheesy. but seriously, the more i watch this video, the more excited for school i get. now i know what to watch when i'm feeling blue (haha, see what i did there?). this vid may just be the best thing in the world.

as for today's fashion post, these are a few of my good friends and i decided to highlight their laid-back yet still chic outfits. ;) i'm likin' the lace and cardigan theme. :)

click images to enlarge

Juniors Alexandra Abercrombie and Faith Fowler


outfit details
tank top - target
cardigan - gap
shorts - american eagle
shoes - payless

tank top - jujubes
sweater - jujubes
necklace & hair bow - target
jeans - old navy
shoes - endless.com (this site seriously has an endless selection of shoes!)

school's out next week (!) so there'll be a break for the class of fashion project during the summer (i'm sure there'll be a couple more posts before then), but i'm not totally sure if i'm going to continue this next year. college applications and four AP classes will probably rule my life, but if you persuade me enough, i just might continue. :P let me know what you think about this whole project and if you think i should continue! :)


Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

I loved the video! It was so much fun, and yes I spotted you, your adorable.

Ana said...

woow guys you seem to be having lots of fun:)


benzerj said...

Ha ha! I love the face paint! Congrats on being done with school.

Asteria said...

High school will always remind you of the all the fun, silly things you did. but trust me, undergrad will be SO MUCH MORE FUN!!!:)

Asteria said...

ps:ofcourse, i'm saying undergrad instead of university, just because i dont think doing your postgrads are as much fun as doing your undergrad *living proof here :P*

NANCYXO said...

fun pictures. =D


michelle_ said...

loved the videooo !
the color of your cardigan is very lovely !
im very much into that blue for this summer ;)

magpie said...

I remember thinking the EXACT same thing last year- how crazy it was that my future was SO close and everyone I loved leaving to start theirs. It's scary!! But now that I am one of the graduates...it feels amazing. It felt like a year ago I just wasn't ready at all to make decisions regarding the next four years and rest of my future, but after you go through everything, by the time you get here, you ARE. you just FEEL it. I don't know how to describe it- it's almost an overnight thing too. You mull over these choices for months, and then one day you just know. :)

J. said...

Yes, keep it up!

Becca said...

Oh my goodness you guys actually made this?! I can't believe it! That is incredible! Tell me what kind of preparation and work had to go into that, it's so crazy!
And yeah...I didn't think I'd see you in the video, but I DID! Ha ha Nice blue face :)