Saturday, June 5, 2010

a week in photos & bloopers!

this week has been so busy, i dont even know how to describe it. well here we go! (i'm not sure if i wore these outfits on the day i'm saying i am, if that makes sense, but i know i wore them this week!) ;)

(click photos to enlarge!)

Monday: shopping at da mall :) my mom bought me this necklace from buckle and i love it! i bought a lot of stuff this weekend, so i need to stop for the rest of summer, or at least be frugal. :P

(and i was not ditching school, it was memorial day, so there was no school!)

there's a little engraving - is that the right word? - of a lady's face, but it doesn't show very well... :/


outfit details:
cardigan - papaya
skirt - abercrombie & fitch
necklace - buckle

i was just snackin' on my grapes, when i encountered...this crazy pumpkin looking grape?!?!?

i'm sure your world has just been rocked.

i also watched charade at my school's art appreciation club's movie night. :) it's such a good movie! i'm definitely seeing it again because there are so many witty details. i hope i never die in my pajamas. :-O

Thursday: i stayed up til 2 am working on my english writing portfolio (i chose 10 writing selections from the year and from years past and recounted my growth. :D i will definitely share some pieces with you guys in upcoming posts!)

outfit details:
cardigan - buckle
dress - guess

Friday: all i have to say is, TGIF! :)

outfit details:
blazer - ciel boutique (i've always wanted a blazer!) :))

extras: i'm not sure what happened here, but here they are! i guess you could call them bloopers? :P

i also wanted to say thank you to my 53 followers! (and my facebook friend followers, i know you guys are reading this too) :) ya'll really mean a lot to me and it's because of you guys that i know my hours on picnik editing pictures and staying up til 12am to work on my blog posts is worth it. :) i think i'll have to do a giveaway sometime in the future! but my mom doesn't know about my blog, so i'm not sure how i'd get away with that. =O anyway, you guys ROCK my SOX :)

and my formspring is open to your questions! :)


Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

I love Tuesdays outfit, the skirt is cute.

Karen said...

So pretty necklace!!! and cute socks ;D


Alex said...

We have the same problem! Nobody in family or my friends for that matter know about the existance of my blog! I love the gray vest! It's beautiful!

rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

hiiii! long time no talk :) sorry i've been so absent from the internet lately! it's hard to get back into blogging...

how's the school search going? have you gotten accepted anywhere yet?

i think the necklace could be called a cameo's really cute and you're looking awfully pretty yourself!


libys11 said...

aaww thanks for showing these photos! i think you have such a cute style!! love the outfit photos throughout the week! :D and that necklace has such amazing details!! :D

Animated Confessions

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen anything about Toy Story 3, but I will look up the trailer! :) And Letters to God is about a little boy with cancer? I think who just wants to his mom happy before he goes. I'll probably cry all through it! lol But you should check it out.
and thanks, you have a lovely blog too.

Cute outfits btw!

Laetitia´s Comptoir said...

Love your necklace, is so pretty!


Isabella said...

Just discovered your blog! I am now a follower because I absolutely love it. You have great style! I love the blazer you wore on Friday!

English Rose ♥ said...

Looks like you had a fabulous week!

Merci beaucoup for stopping by darling =]

Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
English Rose x

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I have Charade on dvd, just havn't got round to watching it yet.
I am loving your outfits by the way, cute jacket :)

Hannah said...

There are some very cute outfits in here. And that blazer is really special.
Charade is a really great movie. I love Audrey forever.

Anonymous said...

I've actually seen Music & Lyrics, and it was cute! I loved it!

We (me & my fiance) just got finished watching 'Motherhood', it was cute and it was about a blogger!

and thanks!

its simple love said...

I need to watch more Audrey hepburn movies! I truly adore her. You have some serious style. I love your new buckle necklace and the floral skirt you wore it with.


Sara Lynn said...

I love: All of your outfits, you are so cute and stylish! Your necklace, I really, really like it :) And your bloopers! lol I love posting goofy pics.

I feel you on the up to 2am paper deal. It happens :)

Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} said...

WOW the first outfit is my favourite, I absolutely adore everything about it! That necklace is gorgeous too!!!


anotherwomanbyrose said...

love the necklace, and CHARADA!!!


NANCYXO said...

nice accessories and outfit posts.

xo nancy

Sophia said...

Ok that grape is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! hahaaa ;} I love your blog and I must say I loveee the kooks! haha I'll be reading.
Sophia <3