Saturday, May 22, 2010

out on the town

for my school's art appreciation club, we headed to seattle to watch From Time to Time for the Seattle International Film Festival. (click the link for a trailer and synopsis). i was sad that i couldn't see the French film, Father of My Children, & i was disappointed that half of the people who said they'd come said they couldn't at the last minute. >:( but i still had an awesome time! :)) i definitely recommend the film! it's actually a bit of a thriller; my friend kept squeezing my arm and hand when the screen got dark or the music got intense. xD maggie smith is such a classy british lady and i love the jewelry and dresses worn in the british film. great movie!

(click pictures to enlarge! they look much better that way!)

this pic is just awesome.

SIFF poster :)

just when you thought that there was nothing special about this picture....


afterwards, we ate at Dick's, which was right across the street! it was my first time eating there and it's SOOO good for such a cheap price! their ice cream is rockin' too. :) ahhhh. i sure love food.

then we walked around the block and hung out at easy street records. i love their random stuff. ex: they had "instant afro gum" and "instantly understand your mother chapstick." :]

i love their telephone booth listening station thingies. :)

there was a shelf dedicated to the beatles and their album covers were so lovely. :)

i love the clean, bright colors. :)
(mercer street book store)

well that's a wrap! :)

song of the moment -
china grove - doobie brothers


musings said...

i know how to play china grove on bass guitar! good song

siff looked fun! i wish i could have gone.

Anonymous said...

Great photographs! I must watch "From Time to Time".

janettaylor said...

How fun!

P.S.: ♥Please don't forget to join the Miskay GIVEAWAY!♥

Good luck!

Leona said...

How fun!
I like the dress you wore, by the way.

Mina said...

Hey Erin!

It was really too bad I couldn't stay... looks like you guys had fun after the movie as well!

Anyway, I'm really glad I got to go to "From Time to Time". England is so nice...

See ya,