Monday, May 24, 2010

class of fash: D6 mash + more

normally i do just one student outfit post a day, but there was a lot today (and there is more at the end of this post). :)

(recommended: click photos to enlarge. they look much better that way, trust me).

Senior Christie Landrie

what a cyootie

we got a bit enthused. :)

lovin the details on the dress + the snazzy belt addition :]

outfit details:
dress - forever 21
belt - forever 21
cardigan - nordstrom
boots - payless
tights - target

Sophomore Pagey Dormier and Junior Maria Schandl

outfit details:
jacket - ebay
dress - ebay
shoes -
tights - target

outfit details:
necklace - alley kat
dress - alley kat
cardigan - forever 21
shoes - nordstrom

Junior Varinda Kate

(this one's for kaitlyn who is creepin' in the back. this pic is just awesome.) (please zoom)

outfit details:
sweater - urban outfitters
shirt - ??? (i love the gem details!! :D)
jeans - H&M (i love the color!!)
shoes - vans

thanks you guys. awesome day. :))

on a different note, in english we wrote poems/credos about the meaning of life and i thought i'd share mine with you. i learned after i finished my poem that "life in technicolor" (the title of my poem) is a coldplay song, but i did not intend to copy it at all!!!

(please click, otherwise you probably can't read it....)
lemme know your thoughts! unless you are going to call me a cunt. then i dont want to know your thoughts. :P (i normally dont say that. for further information please go here)

and if you have spare time, this stop motion music video is pretty awesome. i really like the piano accompaniment, and stop motions in general are sweet. :)

Paperthin Music Video from Hettie Griffiths on Vimeo.


magpie said...

wow!!! the people at your school dress so awesomely :) I ...could not say the same about mine ;)

I love the girl in the first picture!!

Is it awkward asking girls to take pictures of them? do you tell them what it's for??

I am loving it. These posts are so cooool. I love street fashion more than anything!!


AND YES! it was cool talking live!!

Karen said...

Me ha gustado mucho el look de Christie! muy dulce y el detalle del vestido me encanta.


Asteria said...

i like the belt on the first girl :)

Vennica Patricia said...

blogg walkingg :))
nicee bloggg :))
gonna follow ur blogg,, plis do vsit mine n flw back :DD
secret of life

style said...

nice post lovely belt and beautiful outfit
i all your pictures they are awesome

Missy M said...

wow those are some amazing outfits!

Check out my SATC giveaway!

Taylor Sterling said...

your blog is too cute! I love that you are taking school style photos!!

Vintage and Cake said...

wow the girls know how to dress ... I was a total geek. Still am :P xxxxx