Saturday, May 22, 2010

but i'm gonna make the most of it

so last night, i was just givin facebook and formspring a last check for any new notifications or new questions to close out my friday night. and on my formspring, i encountered a pleasant surprise! someone simply wrote "CUNT." (you really dont have to read the rest of this, i just want a place to write my heart out, and my blog is that victim.)

i knew i shouldn't feel bad because this is formspring, where anonymous idiots can say stupid stuff. but i felt my body shiver and freeze up in shock. i could hear the idiot whispering cunt as i closed the blinds in my room. that simply combination of words echoed in my ears. i felt like somebody would assassinate me at any moment because i was (and still am) trying to change the world.

does it make you feel good that i feel disgusting and terrible? does it make you feel good that i want to call you an freakin douche?

but i'm glad i didn't, because i actually learned a lot from you lil' four letter remark. although i may think you are a "freakin clit," i also feel sorry for you, because you think that way of me.

i dont know if youre some random kid 5000 miles away who just wanted to vent your anger on another random kid who happened to be me, or if youre someone i see everyday in the halls of my schoool. if it's the latter, then i wish you'd get to know me sometime and realize that i am NOT a CUNT. because i am sure that if you really knew me, i am not like that...

anyway, strangely, your vulgar word has refreshed my outlook and after a few moments, suddenly, i grew so much more thankful for every friend i had, for every person that would listen to me, for every smile and "hey erin!" that i've heard in the halls.

so i want to say thank you to everyone who says hello, who is my friend, who reads my blog and hears me out there. it's really cool to know that someone is listening and i appreciate your comments and words every time i read them. i can't believe i actually have over 40 followers and people that spend time to read what i write and post. you guys rock my sox and i feel like i've made awesome blog friends. i'm really not sure what my life would be like without ya'll. :)

i want to hug every friend for every word of encouragement. hug every blogger for every thoughtul piece of attention you've provided - you really mean so much to me.

and to the idiot who said what you said, thank you too, cuz, i guess, once in a while, i need that. (but that doesn't mean i want to see people start overflowing my formspring with "CUNT") and just so you know, there's somebody out there that loves you, so dont say that cuz i really dont want to call you an "douche" because i'm sure you really aren't one somewhere deep down.

if you just read all this, thanks for that, too. :]

random picture:

i feel that this is very appropriate for my post.

now since it's the weekend, to celebrate, here are some links!

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shiny white teeth: chip skylark, please marry me! (this song has been stuck in my head for days, and i love it!)

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and i'm not usually a country music fan, but i gotta say the little boy in this video is a lip syncing prodigy!

song of the moment
monty python life of brian - always look on the bright side of life
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jamiesuee said...

love the randy houser song :D
and you have a great outlook on stuff, erin. i completely agree with your rant. :]

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

Oh don't worry about that stuff, it was probably just someone being stupid. Glad you could turn it into a good thing though.


Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

Also I was wondering if you mind me using one of your images on my blog, linking it to you ofcourse. I've just noticed you've done a few outfits with vests and I'd like to feature them on a post about vests.

Leona said...

I'm glad that you weren't completely depressed about it, like some people are when they receive vulgar things like that. I'm also glad that you actually used it as a means to be even more grateful for your life.

janettaylor said...

The random pic is too cute! Haah!

Kimberellie said...

There's got to be nothing lamer than anonymous meanies.

ps. I think you are just fantastic and thus I must follow. ;-)