Thursday, March 11, 2010


i'm sooo glad it's friday!!!! this week was definitely full of procrastinating, and in my process of procrastinating, i discovered a video called Procrastination! even in my journalism class, i'm writing an article all about procrastinating -- my life has been revolving around procrastination!

sorry if i'm helping you procrastinate. :P

Procrastination from Johnny Kelly on Vimeo.

and as i mentioned in my last post, this week was Tolo/Sadie Hopkins week so that means school spirit days - one of my favorite parts of school! the theme was Fame and one of the days was "famous athlete day." thus, i decided to dress up as the world renown Kim Yu Na. what do you think? :)

Kim Yu Na :)

I tried to copy this move, but.. I wasn't too successful.

Kim Yu Na is the Michael Phelps of frozen water. :)

Wish me good luck on the SATs tomorrow!! I promise to post some more substantial stuff later this weekend! Have a great Saturday. :)


nap said...

I think you mean "Sadie Hawkins".
The doppleganger is funny. Nice pose.

Silverbeige said...

You are pretty!And sunshine smile! Have a nice weekend!&:)

janettaylor said...

Haha! U are so pretty and funny! Lovely post...

Anonymous said...

wow. i love dancers. the pics are so pretty

musings said...

you are adorable!
haha i'm gonna be kim yu na for tolo but you look much better :)