Wednesday, March 10, 2010

too good to be true

This week I've been swamped with a research essay for English, huge chapter readings for US History, intense studying for the SAT (I'm taking it in two days! eee!), and so so so much more. My biggest burden has been my English research essay about the atomic bomb over Hiroshima. At first, I didn't think Hiroshima and the whole essay shbeal would be too difficult, but as I set that aside and studed for the SAT first (& blogged second, :P), my essay is now lacking substantial facts and research and analytical commentary and gosh! I hate being so messy and asdfjkl;g as I am now. English has always been my best class, but I've been falling under pressure and I just wanted to cry last night because I didn't want to do my rough draft (I managed to do it after forcing myself to stop procrastinating at 11 pm, and I slept at 1:30 am, the latest time I've ever slept in order to finish homework).

But! God always surprises me with whimsical and amazing blessings. This week has been so much fun since Tolo is this weekend (Tolo is a dance where the girl asks the guy to go with her instead of vice versa, I think some schools call it Sadie Hopkins). I'm not going because I had a not-so-favorable experience at past dances with boys (that's another story for another day), but I love the school spirit days that Tolo entails! The theme is "fame" and some of the spirit days were "famous rock star," "famous reality TV star" (I wore a black sweater and tried to be Simon Cowell) :), "Red Carpet," and others. My favorite was "famous athlete day" because I got to dress up as Olympic gold medalist and figure skater Kim Yu Na. I'll post pictures of that this weekend! :)

I'm also extremely thankful to have won My Owl Barn's last giveaway - an Anthropologie necklace!! I knew that blog was amazing ever since I discovered it! :)

And on top of that, I also received my first blog award from Silverbeige!

I'm really honored to have received this especially since I'm a bit of a newbie. Although this week made me want to cry because it's been so tiring, now I want to cry because it's been so rewarding. :)

I can't thank you enough Silverbeige! & please do check out her wonderful blog! Her simple posts of elegant, innovative and sophisticated fashion always inspire me. :) Thank you again Silverbeige; you rock my sox!

I'd like to pass this award to:
Marz of Insights
Rachel of Rachel Red Lips
Faux Naif
Catherine of Silhouette Girl
Federica of Sweet as a Candy

Random pictures:

"You like Krabby Patties, don't you Squidward?"

via helloworldsmile (tumblr)

Have a fantabulous day! :)


Marz said...

Thanks so much for thinking of me for this award Erin :) You're such a sweetie.
And don't worry, as bad and stressful as this week seems, it will pass and become a nice and distant memory. And remember that all your hard work will most definitely pay off. Also, don't get too overwhelmed, if you feel like you are, just take a little break and do something completely unrelated to academics, preferably something calming. I hope my little impromptu pep talk did some good :P If not, just remember that you are fabulous and nothing can take that away :)

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to tolo either! There has just been so much drama before actually going to dances that I've given up trying to survive through it.
Keep plowing through your stress and think of the reward in the end. It helps, even a little. :)
Good luck on the SAT! I'll be with you in spirit, taking it as well.

J. said...

Big week for you dear! Good luck on the SAT's! Congrats on your award...well deserved!

And I tagged you in this post...

but promise me school comes first!

Couture Millinery Atelier. said...

We all get tired at time, even exhausted and it is iportant to mae some room for the things you enjoy in life to give second breat to your spirit and body. Songratulations on your Award!!! Wishing you easy and wonderful weekend. :-)

Missy said...

congrats on your award sweetie! you have a fab blog x

Enter my Olivia Rubin giveaway:

rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

thank you for passing this on to me! you're the sweetest :)

also, did you take your sats today? hope all went well!

and i can't believe you won that fabulous necklace! you scored girl!

Faux Naif said...

oh wow, thank you! i'll post it, erm... sometime. i'm so bad about these things! but really, thank you so much!