Friday, March 12, 2010

a boy and his alfalfa patch

i finally took the SAT today and after browsing, i know i definitely got at least 4 math questions wrong, but oh well. it just feels soooo good getting that over with, at least for the time being. and the kids that comment on that website are crazy. one guy's like "i got 3 wrong. fml." D: wha??

after a firey talk with my mom, i've decided not to stress about trying to get into some fancy schmancy college. i'm just going to do my best as always and choose where to go according to what happens, instead of choosing where i want to go first and molding my dreams around that, if y'know what i mean. (ie i'll go to a college that fits the score that i get even if it's not superb. ie i probably won't make it to my dream school)

in the bottom of my heart, i still have a smoldering vision to go to yale; i have no idea why. but i am sure that whatever happens will happen for the best. :)

as i was browsing the web to find more tips for the SATs, I stumbled upon some SAT Critical Reading advice which made me laugh out loud, and changed my perspective about how I should view the SATs (even though the ETS is a bunch of tricksters, I still have to love them):

"This is a good point right now to tell you that you MUST love the passage you are reading. Force yourself to love it - throw yourself into the passage with gusto. It works. Though it's quite ludicrous to be super-enthusiastic about a boy and his alfalfa patch, with your enthusiasm comes retention, heightened focus, and an oddly vicarious interest in the passage."

"Only if you really know the words will you be able to confidently answer sentence completions (and consummately schmooze at cocktail parties)."

The alfalfa patch part made me laugh out loud. I love this guy.

now for some random pictures and links that I encountered from browsing other blogs (mainly from Everything Fabulous & A Cup of Jo)!

a little bit of improv in antwerp belgium. (I wish this happened everyday!!)

the postcard goes green (awessommee!!)

new song discovery (i'm likin' the beat)

thirst for travel (sometimes I wish I was Rick Steves, or Samantha Brown)

a happily ever after wedding (the colors are so enchanting!)

woman of 21 accents (crazyy!!)

i love bicycles (unfortunately, i dont have one at the moment; i just ride my rickety scooter to get the mail once in while)

have a wonderful sunday! :)


Marz said...

Erin, I'm sure you did really well, but I like your philosophy of not stressing out about it. I adore that little comic of the "song in your head", it was so cute!

Elizabeth said...

However hilarious, I can tell you using my teaching expertise (haha) that it's true! If my students don't give a crap about the passage, they get horrible scores. If it's a passage about Gossip Girl, their scores go through the roof. And the questions won't even be about Gossip Girl, they'll be about grammar. So the SATs are all about breaking you down and boring you to death, to see what your attention span is really made out of.

I hope you did super!

Catherine said...

I'm sure you did just fine on the SATs. And honestly, I don't think they're worth worrying about too much - but I'll speak for myself once I get around to taking them! Ha.

Catherine said...

PS Thanks for the blog award! :)

Anonymous said...

Ahh Erin the SAT! I'm checking college confidential too, thanks to you link. : )
You probably did super! Now it's the wait until April to find out our scores.

magpie said...

I'm really happy that your SAT's are over :). And not just because this means we can EMAIL now :).

I completely understand the whole college and going for your dream school thing. I had my sights on Brown for my whole life, until last year when I really started researching colleges and taking tests ect. I think the biggest thing that made MY decision was sitting down and talking to my parents. Secretly, I always just wanted to make them really really proud of me, but, as I discovered, sometimes you just have to do what you want. I worked my butt off in school doing AP classes and the honors program, but as I discovered when it came time to actually apply to schools.... I chose schools that I honestly liked for more than the "school" aspect. Like extra-curricular activities, recreation, sports, clubs, and the community of that place.

I'm still a senior, but my mind is pretty much set on University of Montana :). I toured it this weekend and it is the PERFECT place for me. They have rigorous honors programs where I can still get a fantastic education, but isn't filled to the brim with completely rigorous/competitive students. That was one thing I found when I toured Brown-everyone was so stressed and panicky about their grades and it was so competitive. And I wanted college to be fun, too. should email me, girly :).

Magpie :)!

rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

I think you've definitely made a good choice! best not to stress about which school you go to, if you make the most of your time in school you'll get a great education! (and may even save money)

i will think about this fantasy bag challenge over the next few days!


Aury said...

I loved the links here and adored the little bobbing head comic :)

SAT is not the end of the world and I am quite sure that if you are open to it you will end up at the perfect school for you, whether its your current dream school or not.