Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fantasy Glamorous Bag Challenge

The wonderful J of My Closet My Life has challenged me with this difficult yet enthralling task in which I choose my dream bag and the contents inside it. I thought this wouldn't take too long, but, man!, it took a couple of days for me to decide! But after some intense online searching, I discovered Valentino's Shiny Petale Tote. And remember, this is my fantasy bag; at the humble price of $2,650, I don't think I'd spend my 8 years of allowance saving for this one bag, and since the bag looks like it would occupy about a quarter of my petite size, it probably wouldn't look good on me. I just fantasize that it would. :)

I mean, hot tamales! Look at those intricately lined sequins, and the beautiful rose design!

As for the contents (I could probably fit myself in this oversized bag, haha)...

I would carry my license, cash, and pictures of me and my friends in my Coach wallet (I actually have this and received it as a birthday gift last month) :)

I'd also carry around one of these handy dandy notebooks to jot down any spectacular and whimsical ideas that come to mind, any sketches I am urged to draw, plans I randomly make, etc. etc. (I also received this for my birthday last month :D )

And of course, my trusty sidekick, my Sony Cybershot digital camera that I've had since at least 4 years ago. (I hope I'm not breaking the rules by choosing things I already have...)

Not to mention, a yummy snack (I also received this for my 17th birthday, but it's gone now of course). :)

And here's a tribute to the honorable mentions that almost won the spot of Fantasy Bag.
Prada Vernice Clutch (this one was 2nd place... gosh, now I'm thinking about changing my mind!!)

Valentino Fairytale Clutch (what an apt name; the fabric & flowers reminds of Impressionist art work)

Valentino Nuage Bow Tote

Valentino Laceland Tote

Prada Nylon Braided-Handle Tote

(I just realized most of these are Valentino, I think it's becoming one of my favorite brands) :)

Thanks again J for tagging me in this awesome challenge; it really made my brain think and I enjoyed searching through so many lovely bags! :)

Now I'd like to tag these fellow bloggers and see which bags they choose :) (and it's not required, so please don't feel like it's a burden!):

Have a great week everyone!


Silverbeige said...

Each of these are wonderful and I think our style are very close together.&:)
I would be glad with any of these bags, but if there would be a possibility to choose one, I would grab Valentino Laceland Tote! &:) However, I was thinking a lot on Prada Vernice Clutch as well.

Have a nice Sunday! &:)

janettaylor said...

I love Valentino laceland bag!

English Rose ♥ said...

this was such a great post erin!

thanks so much for the tag - how exciting, i'll get round to doing this eventually!!

Your memories of London sound great, so glad you had a lovely time on this side of the pond!

Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
English Rose x

Diane said...

That Prada clutch is just to die for!! Oh, I can only hope to get something like that one day :X...


magpie said...

Hey dear!!!

thank you for tagging me!!!
I'm so excited. I've already started looking...but it is sososoososo hard.
I think you and I like the same things...because I am very partial to Valentino, I am discovering :)
Looking forward to email!! eee!

Love always, magpie:)

J. said...

Wow, that Prada clutch sure is gorgeous,but I'm crazy over just about any Valentino bag! I have loved that gigantic flower ever since it first started! Beautiful choice!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Those purses are quite worth fantasizing over.
P.S. The moving pic is called a gif. You create it by layering images on top of each other. You can do it with html codes, Photoshop, or a free program called Gimp (which I use; I need photoshop!).

Stephanie said...

This post was so fun to read. I love bags!! My favorite is alexander wang and marc jacobs.

Inspiration in Italy said...

That first bag is gorgeous! I love that Prada clutch too, wow...


Missy said...

love that first bag!

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Lulu said...

oh i LOVE that sequin bag! so beautiful!