Friday, February 15, 2013

smile cuz it's JCREW

Each model was wearing some ensemble of surprise. Whether it was a loosely tucked in shirt or jacquard-ed out pants or a baseball cap or quizzical prints of an exotic land, J. Crew's Fall/Winter 2013 collection covered the essentials for styling and tailoring your wardrobe. 

It was almost too much for me. Each piece seemed seemed wearable and exciting. But the collection as a whole, I was confused. I was longing for a sense of coherency but the only theme that stringed everything together was kind of a chaos. I guess J.Crew is a very wide-market brand--or so it seems, I know nothing about how to judge markets--so they covered lots of interests and captured the eye, that's for sure. However, it captures my eye in so many places that I'm almost lost. I don't know where we are, but maybe that is actually where modern America is. Maybe we are actually at the center of this hodgepodge of culture, Maybe this is the contemporary definition of America envisioned a la Jenna Lyons: USA as an eclectic crossroads of exotic inspirations.  

I loved that this model smiled at me. I love when any of em smile. I think they are all more radiant with a smile. 

When I said there was a lot happening, I wasn't kidding right? I do appreciate the coif and bright lip motifs. They were kind of my hand rail throughout the collection; I knew I could expect at least that consistency. 

Varsity jackets are an instant win for me. And funny, I was wearing a varsity jacket that day. 

fun fact totally irrelevant to the fashion part of this. the model of this photo thought she recognized me and started to wave at me and speak to me in chinese and i SO wanted to go with it and actually have been her friend but obviously at some point she realized i wasn't the best friend she had in mind but oh well. it was cool for a second. i thought someone knew me or something. 

another fun fact totally irrelevant, actually 100% relevant in it's own way: i totally was not planning on going to this show. like, i wasn't even supposed to. but somehow i walked in. and i am not complaining. HO HO

This chick was one of my favorite models from the show. It's interesting, once you get a feel for a few shows, you kind of learn to build quick chemistry with the models when you take their photos. It's actually my favorite part. Yup, leave it to me for my favorite part to be about human interaction and smiling people. Anyway, this gal had a lot of energy and was sweetly playful through her smile. I find myself picking out fav models from shows unconsciously. It happens, and it's cool.

I told you! Isn't she lovely? 

Once I turned around, I realized there was a whole line of gorgeous men behind me. That was a pleasant surprise to say the least. Key words: casual, collegiate, creative.

Oh and, sartorialist surprise! I spot Scott Shuman of The Sartorialist looking quite bundled up in some fun, genteel prints. 

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