Saturday, February 16, 2013

an erin state of mind

30% extra off the sale price of things doesn't sound like a bad idea. somehow i ended up on madewell's website clicking through the sale menu as if i'm about to order something. i never end up ordering. madewell is one of those. but then i remember, crewcuts (i.e. jcrew's kids clothes to clarify for the people who are so out of touch of the erin state of mind that is always scoping kids clothes) is a point of no return for me. and because i have no reason to take advantage of their current sale, i thought i'd share it with you, although you probably also have no reason to take advantage of their current sale at least with my picks from the kid's section--mostly because you prob aren't the size of a 10 year old boy like I am, but WHATEVER.

here's a glimpse into what i'd buy if i really needed some clothes from head to toe (in this case, ankle, if you want to get really particular). mind you, these pieces are all on sale and at very reasonable prices with the additional sale happening. so i'm serious about if i would actually buy these. henceforth, you should buy these so i can feel like i bought them.

(isn't this jacket so lady like?! mad props for the 6 year old that wears this, or props to the parent i guess.)

if you wear it right, all this stuff is totally passable as "womens"wear! so like i said, since i'm not buying these goods, get em while they're hot--and share if you do. or actually, my birthday may or may not be around the corner. whether or not that's the truth? you'll never know. 

song of the moment 
She is Love - Blaqstarr

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