Friday, February 8, 2013

NYFW D-2: blue crew

Unbelievably silky looking wavy blonde hair, unbelievably high heels, unbelievably bright neon asymmetrical skirts--New York Fashion Week has come to conquer New York City for another season.

I was lucky enough to take some photos of the Tadashi Shoji collection for Washington Square News (which you can view here. I'm also blessed that the review was wonderfully written by a certain Helen Holmes. Shout out to Helen, although I really have no idea who she is).

And today, my agenda was to snap looks from Monika Chiang's Fall/Winter 2013 collection at Lincoln Center. But first I executed my student responsibilities as an NYU Admissions Ambassador and gave a special group campus tour to a flock of students and teachers fresh off the boat from China. After feeling awkward from all their flash photography of me and by the multiple times my umbrella flipped inside out into their faces, I went back to my room hopeful about the Monika Chiang's collection inspired by "flight."

Obvi I couldn't wear my NYU track jacket to fashion week. But I knew I would wear my tie (when I went to shoot Tadashi, five people asked to take my photo for street style stuff and I'm pretty sure it's because I was so aLtERnAtiVe and wore a tie. So many people askin for my pic was pretty sick tho.) I also knew I want to beehive (v. to beehive) my hair. So I beehive it.

Tie in hand and beehive on head, I was ready. I pass the revolving doors and as NYFW comes to conquer the city, I go to conquer my own city of fashion. But mind you, today is the day Nemo comes to find NYC and Nemo sure found me. With each awkward step of my boots slipping in the snow/hail/evil concoction that's blanketed the city streets, and with each unsuccessful effort at opening my now broken, battered and handicapped umbrella, and with each inhale of Nemo's icy breath, my confidence to conquer fashion was quenched. As if that wasn't enough to minimize my steadfast spirit, snow/hail/evil started to spit across my cheeks and sting my face--apparently my foundation's SPF 15 wasn't enough.

So there I was. I stood in front of a Duane Reade, one hand holding a victimized umbrella, the other purposelessly feeling my beehive falling apart. This was the end. So I return and I am upset and I sit on my loveseat feeling no love.

The only way to counteract this defeat was by (following the show via NYFW but also) at least photographing my outfit cuz I was kind of excited about it. I am always kind of really excited to wear a tie.

how i felt about things after dealing with my initial firey upset.


 coat - zara, dress and tie - crewcuts (i tell you i am their biggest 18+ fan), tights - anthropologie, shoes - papaya, scarf - gap (also someone please appreciate all the blue that's happening, including with my tights although not terrible evident)


and the following has mostly nothing to do with anything in this post but watch the first episode of community season 4. i strongly believe it is like the best show of my generation.

song of the moment
Private Eyes - Hall and Oates (in my head they are called Hall's Bunches of Oates)

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