Friday, January 18, 2013

Links to Love

You know when you have so many tabs open and you just don't know what to do with them but you do know that you don't want to close them and you want to somehow save these links and what they hold and share them with the world. No? Just me? Well, here are a few links that have recently comprised the tabs that I have diligently kept open.

Rethinking the Gallery wall: 10 Funky New Ideas (hoping to immediately install the tape frame idea. Cheap and chic is the way to go)

Evan's letter to City Kitties. He writes in cursive, is lyrical and musical, is generous and compassionate. Evan is my kind of guy--just a little too young I guess.

GQ does Bill Murray, and they do him well/I just really like him. I like the whole focus on how "real" he is--although, let's be real, how do we know what's real?, anyway I do like Bill.

John Lithgow's inside look at The National for New York Times

Whitewall Magazine's 2013 Must See Exhibitions. If I must see them, I suppose I shall.

And not 1, but 2 links on Lance Armstrong just because it's relevant.

and a belated happy 2k13. although, it's still 2013, so nvm about belated. happy 2k13!

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Tegan said...

definitely do the tape frame thing and post a photo! xo