Tuesday, November 6, 2012

midnight muse: topshop

Sometimes I feel like I'm innately very goth/emo/dark. Those may or may not--probably the latter--be the right words. But my point is, when black is paired with something extra--lace or neon or prints and patterns or jewels--that is sex-to-the-ay! But when I see layers of black on black on black and there's not much variation in texture or visual interaction, I don't see that as chic, creative or all that stylish if you ask me. If you showed me a good example of chic black layering that involved no variation at all, I might change my mind! I just can't see anything in my head right now that is all black, no diversity (no pun intended) in pattern or texture that is still spicy to the eye--I guess spicy isn't the right word either, it's 2:10am what can I say.

This 3/4 sleeve dress by Topshop inspired me and I did some xplorin' after that. I loved the cream incorporation and I feel like it could be so feasible to make, not that I even have a sewing machine or have ever made my own clothes for that matter. What do you think? That crown in the background looked way cooler and suave on my actual polyvore mid-creation, but take it for what it is.

dark crystal night

dark crystal night by erinkim 

p.s. i wanted to do an "ootd" (with my professional camera phone and through classy mirror pics) but my wifi is so janky that it wouldn't let me send the photos over. i tried to be patriotic in my color selection since twas election day and my first time voting! zing!! more to come. even if i share the outfit later, it won't be late since patriotism should never get old right?

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J. said...

I'm loving the b&w! I also love tons of black but yeah, details really get lost...