Wednesday, November 7, 2012

blogging magic

after a few days of being adamantly awesome about cell phone outfit photos, my blogging soul longed for something of the past, and that something was taking outfit pics. it is not really a place for vanity as someone might think. it's just fun. it's like me time. i can take photos however i want. there is no worry about satisfying the photographer's vision. no pressure, except for the disarming fact that someone on my floor my walk out of their door and encounter me taking self photos in their hallway. 

i was confident i wouldn't find an awesome location around my building like the gorgeous stairwells of my residence hall i lived in last year, but despite the first freezing nyc snow blanketing my bod, something inside me fired up and i didn't even really think. i got home, feeling gross and hair all snow-melt-y but my hands just went for the camera and i walked around the floor and this happened! it was really blog magic if there is such a thing--which now i am confident, there is as a matter of fact such a thing. 

i feel like i look so much older than i did last year. i haven't taken outfit photos since.. last year, so go figure. but i feel like i can tell the difference. it's funny how doing this outfit posts/taking these pics is such a part of me. i don't quite understand it, but then again, it's 1am and  i never understand anything at this hour.

so here we are, my self-timer button and i, risking embarrassment from misconstrued vanity one photo at a time. 

jacket - ann taylor loft, sweater - mom's, khakis - south korea, shoes - south korea (uncle) 

also, here's just a cool-story-bro for you. as an intern with nbcuniversal (i know right, it's pretty butt kicking. actually here i will make one of those "shameless plugs" and suggest you to follow our awesome twitter, because guess who runs it--that's right). i left my water bottle in the cafeteria and went to fetch it because everyone wants my extra special water bottle, trust me, and one moment i thought i was getting my water bottle but soon enough i found myself sitting in the jimmy fallon studios listening to him test his jokes and having my unattractive laughs records for the later real show. that was exciting to say the least. i do have to say this is my second time spontaneously, beautifully seeing him. i have never personally interacted with the man--in real life, in my dreams is another story, but i would love to learn more about him. i love his sincerity, and speaking of strange laughs, he has a good one, mostly because it's so real, i love it. you go jimmy, you go.

here is a whatever photo of me being whatever amidst the whatever weather and a whatever justin bieber. (d'you hear it's snowing in nyc? you best belieb it)

song of the moment - 
the real slim shady and/or bing crosby--count your blessings 

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