Saturday, November 10, 2012

a morbid attraction

Some weekends you just never know what's coming next. This weekend was that kind of collection of events. 

1. I bought a pair of kick ass ankle booties from Aldo (on sale forever and always). They're black and suede so they're chic enough for most occasions. They have some heel so I don't feel as short as I actually am when I wear them. All around, they kick ass--hopefully I won't run into a situation where I will literally have to do so. Here are some photos and then I will tell such an enchanting tale to sweep you off your slippers.

I can never take myself seriously

2. I "went out." This semester I think I have fulfilled society's definition of that phrase about thrice or maybe fivce-ish. None of them were really going out though. I never actually really do. So I didn't actually fulfill society's definition of it. So nvm, according to society it would then be zero. Which is fine by Erin Kim. Ok, you'll see what I mean. So I "went out" to a creative writing party of sorts held at the very classiest of New England sites, The Players Club, which housed the late Sir Edwin Booth, brother of the man that is known for killing Abe. I imagined this gathering to be much hipper and trendier than it turned out to be--I mean they said there'd be polaroids, so you know. But I freaking loved how it turned out. I am such a grandma, it is unreal. 

After I took a cheeseball pic with my beloved Jimmy Fallon (he gets mentioned two blog posts in a row, now that's love. Also, why he has a painted portrait, I do not know, but I would steal it.), I realized there was also a tour going on and apparently Edwin's crib is just the same as it was since the day he died. FREAKIN AWESOME! It's like I'm standing there with him, watching him sleep, holding his hand, breathing the air he breathed, touching the hand rail he touched, stepping the steps he stepped, living the life he lived!!!! I have no idea why I loved it so much, but I was enamored. I think I have some innately wry fetish for death and classy/antique-y homes. I have no doubt it relates to my appreciation for garage sales held by elderly people. 

some last minute foolin' around at edwin's place. i got cozy there. i could sleepover. 

"polaroids" at the "party" (this is at the beloved restaurant that is Chat n' Chew) 

coat - free people (on loan from sherry), blazer - urban outz, top - anthropologize, boots - aldo, sass - you'll never know (p.s. i guess this is now "my spot")

song of the moment
phoenix - girlfriend (you have no idea how excited i was to hear them play at the diner--after partying with edwin's ghost obvi)

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J. said...

You look incredible!
That place looks awesome! I love creeping around places like this...(old hotels will always have a hold on me...)