Wednesday, November 21, 2012

getting lucky

one fine evening after .25 second eye-lock with zooey deschanel and a quick shoulder brush with vampire weekend's ezra koenig, i find myself in my documentary class, watching Ai Wei Wei: Never Sorry--great great film and awesome dude by the way, watch it if you ever can. after the film has rolled through its credits, i slide my index finger on my phone. what time is it. oh i have a text, and before i even remember i shouldnt be looking at my phone in class, my eyes are locked on the text that is a tweet that Kenzie Faith spotted me (or a potential twin) in her inbox via TeenVogue. and i was like WHATTHEFREAKINGAWESOMEWHAT 

couple weeks ago, or i dont even remember when, i had submitted some pics to teenvogue's annual snapshot contest, because hey, i like clothes, i like how i wear my clothes, i like photos and i like teenvogue, so it makes sense. and there were pages and pages of photos so i didn't even think about it, but hey, somehow i made the top 10 and i found myself alongside one direction and dior ads on teen vogue's homepage. 

considering that i've wanted to be a teen vogue click blogger, and have followed other bloggers through teen vogue's click thingy (no pun intended), this didn't seem that devastatingly cool, since i'm used to seeing other bloggers on teenvogue's site, but nonetheless, no lie, this is pretty freakin awesome. 

the other looks among the 10 are awesome too! i think it's a nice eclectic mix although i do not see much east coast! c'mon new england! so i suppose i can represent for the east side, and also for all them Asians. I checked out previous Snapshot winners, and they have mostly been gorgeous, charming, blonde gals, which i am not, so i'm pretty content in just being on the homepage for a few days and not winning an actual shoot in the magazine (omg just typing those words out reminds me of how awesome that would), but i really have to admit, i would love this opportunity more than a lot of things in this world. 

if you do like the look, go ahead and vote--you can apparently vote every single day until jan 6th. i dont expect anyone to do that for anybody--honestly, that's kind of a ridiculous policy. this should end in like two weeks instead of two hundred years, and why would people be able to vote every day, that's just a scam, ugh life and ethics. anyway, feel free to vote every day, every week, every month, every just right now, and maybe i'll get lucky. :) 

p.s. these photos aren't the newest, but that's ok.

i actually am terribly embarassed by this hoto, but it's a good moment, so i share it for the moment. i hope you feel good because i'm sharing this good moment with you

shirt - capitol hill block party, seattle 2011, collared shirt - nordstrom rack, cardigan and shorts - urban outfitters, tights - american eagle, shoes - uncle in south korea

song of the moment
otis redding - try a little tenderness

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