Tuesday, November 27, 2012

just your typical mod 60s secretary

black friday is kind of dreadful for me but because the crux of it is shopping, well, i can't say no. ever since senior year when i discovered urban outfitters "50% off the sale" sale for black fri, i have not turned back. i'm still a newb to black friday and i dont intend on ever becoming awesome at black friday-ing because honestly the sales after christmas are way better, just less hyped. 

besides buying about 6 awesome pieces of apparel from uo for a grand total of $60-70, i also hit up jcrew despite their wompy sale of extra 25% off sale. sure that's a sale but nothing that makes me drool or punch another person for. despite expected wompyness, i found love in a hopeless place in the kids section. that's how it always turns out. i got an awesome turquoise sweater from crewcuts boys and i love it. most of my sweaters have stuff on it--i.e. patterns, foxes, cats, prints, stuff; but this one was basic, soft and oh so versatile. WINNING/WON! i've already worn it three diff ways since buying it. here's how i wore it to work! and i look like a 60s secretary, yes i do.

when i wore this outfit + did my hair, i felt very much like schwurlie particularly with this look--but obviously she firmly maintains the title of queen of cool. kate is, by the way, hosting a fabulous sheinside giveaway (it's like shiseido but not).

sweater - crewcuts, boys; shirt - banana republic; skirt - h&m, tights - banana republic, flats - cathy jean; brooch - brooklyn flea market

i took this photo while trying to hide from floormates. i thought it looked very film noir-y, damsel in distress-y. 

i lost my school id for the third time--go me! i thought the second time i lost my id, i would have learned my lesson. and i did! but somehow i misplaced it somewhere in my dorm. i picked up delivery in my lobby AND BAM IT WAS GONE FOREVER AFTER THAT NIGHT. so i got a new one, and i look so costume-y. also i have never really felt comfortable with sharing what school i go to, but screw that, NYU LOVIN FOR DAYS.

an extra bonus: i wore this sweater yet again for class so it's a bit more casual. comfy button down under a sweater = good 2 go. also i am a total advocate for cuffing jeans/pants, esp if you have cool socks. 
shirt - hollister, sweater - crewcuts boys, jeans - banana republic, shoes - aldo, coat - urban outfitters

song of the moment
michael buble - cold december night

p.s. check out teen vogue's snapshot 2012 voting gallery, and if you like my look, vote/comment/share it to the whole world and eat some cake. 

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musings said...

i luv that pin and your hair and the color of the sweater and i just luv it all