Friday, March 23, 2012

new waves

on my birthday i did a little anthropologie splurgin' (it was still on sale. but still a splurge -_-) and was won over by this long knit skirt. it's probably supposed to go to like the knees for the average women, but i still enjoy how i wore it! the second outfit is from a slightly chillier weather, but same skirt nonetheless.

more photos to come. quick 411 about my life. it's 2:37 am. i'll be volunteering tomorrow morning. i'll be catching up on lots of reading. i'll be hitting myself to sleeping so stupidly late. i saw the black keys and the arctic monkeys; they were glorious, beautiful, divine, and sex(y). i've been listening to JET nonstop. i bought tix to see the shins! and i also notice that i'm blogging a lot more frequently than i have in the past. is this coming back?! is my blogging swag rejuvenated?! i guess we'll see. :)
scarf -  american apparel, tank top -  urban outfitters, cardigan -  h&m, skirt - anthropologie, oxfords - aldo
scarf - street stores in seoul, blazer -  urban outfitters, shirt - nordstrom rack, skirt - anthrpologie, oxfords - aldo

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