Thursday, March 22, 2012

wind's kiss

as the sun descends to return to its bed and blanket of the earth, 
you whisper to me.

your lips of cool sensitivity trace my neck, 
the chill dancing with the sun's burnt orange hush.

people banter and walk on.
but i stick with you
privately, at the cement street intersection.

your caring wishes tickling me with glowing rays 
trickling between the town's
wires, rooftops, flickering branches.

a fresh fragrance of wood complements your natural touch. 
just as the sun goes to sleep, your flirtation must end, too.
just as the sun wakes, will you be back as well? 
will your distant gazes evolve to something more?

stroke my hand.
caress just below the flowy hem of my skirt.
tell me about your dreams. 

maybe the sun will have slept by then 
and only the smiling stars will be left to silently serenade us.

or maybe you'll leave.
maybe i'll get away to the big city where you roam only fiercefully like you're mad.

but maybe i'll find you at ease, muscles relaxes like we are here now.
your finger tips mildly rustle the loose waves of my hair.

i wrinkle my nose.
you brush my ear.
the ever perfect lover.


you move me to a world where i don't have to move.
you welcome. you take me in.
you make the move to introduce yourself to me.
you don't know me 
yet you know all there is; 
we are of the same god, the same nature.

you love. you are. we are. 
kiss my silhouette.
take me home where the starlight can paint 
our effervescent love with a sweet serenade.


photos by Bailey Theado

shirt - nordstrom rack, tee - best coast merch, shorts - urban outfiters, tights - american eagle, shoes - uncle in south korea, cardigan - urban outfitters, coat - zara

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