Tuesday, November 8, 2011

socks and tights and oxfords and love

This may be the first post I am... posting (verb choice?) since college has begun. I've been active on tumlbr and twitter, probably too active, but it has been ever so difficult to organize myself blogging wise. Although my blog is quite dead, I had a sudden midnight urge to share a bit of my life with the world wide web. 

To be in New York City is all that matters to me right now. Everywhere I turn, I find something new, a story, a moment of exhilaration, quite appreciation. Collaborations of modern architecture and classical arches. Clashes of class with irritable smells of who-knows-what right across my dorm, and walk across to find swanky apartment buildings with gorgeous windows. Walking to class through a huge park where everyone is doing something, meeting an old friend, or people are there just to appreciate all this collision of life. I just love the fact that I'm here. Something about it, I can't even grasp it. To live somewhere that's considered to be the center of the world in so many different aspects. I go to the Met like it's any other day. I love it every time--not even an exaggeration--but it's so at hand, so accessible and I couldn't be more grateful. 

I love that I've found community here. There is never a moment where I feel like I'm lonely. If I want to meet up with a friend, I can almost always find someone, if not someone finding me. I love that I can go to a dining hall and a friend will spontaneously sweep me off my feet--literally. I love that I can love in this city that could be so lonely. There is nothing not to love, but to love love, love. For the sake of love. 

Thank you New York. Thank you God. This life, I couldn't be happier right now. (except for the fact that I have two essays due in 1.5 days, that is kind of the current issue if there were to be any for me right now). 

Enough 12:45am yackity yack. I've been loving the socks and tights trend so here's two pairs of socks I've worn in two different ways! I just got into venturing into the socks/tights arena and I love it! 


at the met gift shop. i loved the mirrors there. 



J. said...

Hooray! I've missed you! It's wonderful that life is treating you so good...you deserve it! Enjoy!

Miranda said...

Oh my goodness... I am so jealous of you Erin!! Living in New York sounds like such a dream. I'm glad you're having fun there! I love the picture of your shoes over the stairway...super cool. :)