Monday, September 19, 2011

Fun in the no sun

Still in the Pacific Northwest, when I had long hair, and when I had a personal (ish) photographer:

shirt - ciel; skirt - papaya; shoes - cathy jean; nail polish - essie

miss ya washington. miss ya gurl.

song of the moment - 
midnight city - m83
how deep is your love - the rapture
(or basically this whole playlist)

bugs = my worst nightmare


Samantha Elisabeth said...

This is beyond cute haha. You remind me of my roommate from Korea--she looked a bit like you (only I think she was 22!)

Also I love your hair. I miss my long hair too ><

schwurlie said...

Cute photos Erin! I like your blog layout btw.

+ Just out of curiosity, where in New York are you? (If I have got things right and you are in fact in New York haha)