Sunday, July 3, 2011

a week in photos

First, a breath of fresh air. Finally an outfit post in what feels like forever. Sooo much has been happening that I haven't even totally wrapped my head around it and still a lot more is yet to happen and I have so much planning to do and man, my mind is boggled that's for sure. These outfits are actually a wee bit outdated, not exactly summer-y but hopefully you enjoy it nevertheless. Seattle was really cold this year so it's not too off season here!


jacket - billabong
shirt - ??? (it's says KITTY OVERLOAD with cute kitties in blue neon! =^.^=)
shorts - banana republic
tights - anthropologie
boots - papaya


cardigan - banana republic
dress - urban outfitters
necklace - banana republic
tights - jcrew


my camera does this crazy green wacky thing. but i guess it turned out kinda cool? still would rather not :/ but there's the explanation for that!

dress - urban outfitters
necklace - gift
tights - banana republic
skirt - store in south korea



top - gap
skirt - store in s. korea
tights - american eagle
necklace - banana republic
cardigan - gift


cardigan - anthropologic
dress - urban outfitters
tights - arden b


 what a diva.
what a good week. more to come (especially a super fabulous class of fashion post. that's an understatement)

song of the moment -
Everybody Wants to be a Cat - Aristocats (i love this movie--that's an understatement)

ps. i'm sorry for the automatic music playing. i dont know how to turn it off but i am working on it! D:


Jamie said...

Your Thursday outfit is my favorite of these ones. :) So cuteeee (as usual) :)

Ashley said...

You have quite a collection of fashionable tights!

J. said...

I love the first it seer sucker? I love seer sucker...

Margaret said...

I love the soft, feminine look. You look so cute in all of them!

I graduated high school but I'm going to college next year. Basically, I'm taking a year off to solely focus on piano to go to music conservatory. But yeah, we should definitely meet up and go somewhere like Soho! It's a vortex for sucking up your bank account :)

Anonymous said...

I freaking love that necklace you wore on Tuesday. Just to let you know.

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

You are adorable.

Vintage Mavens said...

your blog is SO CUTE!!!! Love love love it!!

Harriet said...

I love all your outfits - I tihnk my favourite is tuesday though - I love your dress!

Linz said...

Hey Erin! Thanks for your comment! I hadn't received a text msg through my blog in forever!

Ok, so...all of your outfits are to die for, but my fave is absolutely Thursday. What a sweet, charming look!

I'm going to try to get back into my blog in a bit (been suuuuuuper busy!), but I'll definitely e-mail ya to keep in touch in the meanwhile.


Blicious said...

every outfit is amazing!


The fashion berries -personal blog said...

super post, you have great blog, I cant wait for new post ;)
I am your new follower
follow me back please :)
hace a nice days

Nikki said...

Your blog is so much fun! You have a really pretty style ^^ I love every single outfit :) x