Monday, July 18, 2011

Class of Fashion: a Big Post for Big News

So it's that time of year (well... a few weeks, maybe a month off, but y'know). Summer's abound and it's time to say goodbye to a good school year. You might be looking forward to another year of high school; maybe you're lucky enough to celebrate a few more! But for here and now, Class of Fash is wrapping up for the year by looking back at some of my favorite CF style moments from May 2010 til today.  

To see all of Class of Fashion's style moments, check em out here.

MAY 2010






I really need to do this 'looking back on the years' thing more often. To be honest, I was kind of dreading this post--that's actually why it took so long--because it's such a big moment to say 'Hey, everyone who's been so devoted to CF, it's moving on, so it was so inspiring, great bye!' and you can't be awkward about goodbyes, you gotta close on a high note. 

Anyway, I'm not worried about that anymore because, as I went back to pick some favorites (which was difficult because all my CF outfits were my personal favorites from school anyway), I realized how much I loved being able to capture individual personalities through a 30 second snapshot. And I can't quite describe, but I just loved being able to devote myself to something like underrated fashion. Anyway, even after two years of doing something you love, it's true, it can feel like work, and that's how it felt, but I'm feeling the love that I felt months ago when I started this, and that leads me to good news...
Despite all this nostalgia and the end of high school (for me) and all this goodbye mushy gush, PSYCHE (but I was being honest about everything else I was feeling, etc.).  One thing if for sure, CLASS OF FASHION IS NOT OVER. It's only the beginning of something great. I mean something really. great. Take a mini drum roll with your keyboard or iPad or whatever, because Class of Fashion is expanding to college, not just in your measly Washington town (no offense), but to New York City. My fashion appreciating friends, I hope you're excited as I am. Fellow blogger, and new Class of Fashion contributor Anna O. and I are heading to college while Shawna will be staying true to CF's roots and highlighting high school fashion in Washington state (and wherever else she goes)!

To celebrate this fact, during my college orientation, I snapped some shots of fellow New York students who knew who to rock summer style with chic pastels, studded sandals, and fabulous, breezy shorts.
Dot Li, Caitlin Rowles, Sandy Shen


Now I'd like to introduce CF's new contributors with their own personal messages.


I consider myself a fashion enthusiast, and I want to be a part of Class of Fashion because I think it will be a great opportunity to gain experience inside the fashion world. I look forward to learning more from the people who practice fashion daily and express their individuality through their clothes. My passion is to become a fashion designer, and to tell a story through clothing. I believe that in order to fulfill that ambition, I must be able to connect with others and what a better way to do so then blogging!

I will bring my eagerness for clothing, accessories and personal style to Class of Fashion. I like to keep on top of the latest trends through social media, fashion blogs and magazines, and to express my unique style through my outfits and my online profiles such as LookBook and Hypeed magazine. I recently did a fashion program at FIDM in LA and I am currently involved in Nordstrom’s BP Fashion Board. I love to give style advice to family and friends, and even act as their personal shopper. Friends have told me that I influence their fashion choices, and it will be a great opportunity to elevate my skills as a member of Class of Fashion.


He-LLO beautiful readers! Anna saying hi here from Seattle, and just wanted to share that I'm uber excited to be a part of the Class of Fashion team & expansion into college! At the end of community college this past Spring, I did a couple "Campus Style" posts at my blog, Streams of Consciousness--and I got such great feedback and so much fun doing it, that I was pleased to have the opportunity to continue posting school fashion pics starting this Fall! So please keep coming back to find out when the GRAND OPENING is :)

photo from Anna's Campus Style

photo from Anna's Campus Style
So stay tuned because Class of Fashion is gon' get big. CF is moving to a separate blog (no longer part of my--Erin Kim's--blog, Unscripted) and its Grand Opening is in September! I'll definitely keep you posted so in the mean time, keep spreading the word and have an awesome, chic summer.


Catherine said...

Ah, Erin, that's so exciting! I'm sorta considering adding a street style segment to my blog since I'll be in a large city as well and near many uni students!

I love that you started this in high school and intend to continue it! Go you :)


Miranda said...

Class of Fashion is such a brilliant idea! I'm glad it's going to continue.
I left you an award on my blog if you want to check it out :)

That Blond Guy said...

Regretablly, I'm not one for fashion, so I'm at loss for what to say.

But, you know, a lot of these girls are really hot. Can you provide phone numbers?

Anna said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HAHAHA i loved reading through this! Getting me so excited for CF college style! Eee proud of all you've done with high school, and being able to find someone interested in continuing high school CF too :)