Monday, June 20, 2011

my playlist

So summer has officially begun since I haven't been going to school any more--I still don't feel much different. A quick update on my life; I've started my summer job at this awesome local art academy and I get to hear the funniest things from the kids that go to the summer camps, etc. I'll probably start a quote of the day or something. 

Besides this summer, I'm not sure when I'll be in beloved Washington again, so I've been making plans to indulge in Seattle as much as possible while I'm here this summer! But I guess it's ironic to say that I'll be up in the air tomorrow, heading to New York for my college orientation! I'm so excited! ^_^ But I'll be back soon enough to blog, etc. I have like 5 outfit posts I want to share; they'll come.

And if ya know me, no matter what I'm up to, music is always abound in the mind of Erin Kim. Here's a couple tunes I've been listening to--some recently discovered, and I finally updated my playlist on the right column! On Youtube, I have about 250 songs total for my 'listening to' playlist, but there's just a snippet for funsies. :) 

Have an awesome couple o' days! Talk soon!

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Erinosaur said...

i love when you do music posts!!! you have an awesome taste in music gurrrrl.