Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A quick (extremely random) post: "if you smile, then that should set the tone"

So judging from the poll that some people participated (thank you to those who did!), media/artsy pics was one of the top things you guys wanted to say. I dont know if I'm qualified to say "you guys" when 8 people voted--I dont want to sound demeaning! I'm actually really truly excited 8 people voted!!--but 'you all' enjoy the photos. They're all basically very random things found on my tumblr. Happy Wednesday!

song of the moment -
recently, i have thee hots for justin timberlake. (i told you this was a random post) just...the way he moves.... (i also love the whatchyamacallit part of the song that starts from 2:30 in the video)


Lu said...

awesome photos! i love the big hair buns!

wolves and sparklers

jordanleigh. said...

recently?! erin, you've had the hots for your dear justin for...forever! (but i don't blame you. he's the total package! funny, good singer, good dancer, good actor. :D )

suzy said...

ack! i LOVE that music notes picture. so so so much.

Kenya said...

love all the pictures, and great song too


Nnenna said...

I love the second and third pictures! They are so beautiful and elegant :)

star-crossed smile

Catherine said...

I'm kind of in awe at how awesome the second photo is... I feel like I should start a tumblr, but for some reason, I couldn't get into it when I tried before!