Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Should it stay or should it go?

So I'm in the midst of remodeling my blog. :] Yesterday, I spent most of my day fiddling with Template Designer and I couldn't get exactly what I wanted and I don't know if should go for the totally new look I mustered. Thus! I took some pics of what the possible new blog template candidate may be and thought "the best way to decide would be for my readers to vote!" So, I'd earnestly wearnestly burnestly appreciate your honest input on what you think! Keep the current blog layout or go for the new orange-y one?

To help you help me, here's some background info. :) My blog is like a record and maybe even a portfolio of the things I love. It consists of posts on fashion, my personal life, - daily happenings, rantings, life lessons, and when the school season comes around, the Class of Fashion HS project.

I like the layout I have right now, but I'd like something more professional, yet still me. The current one is cutesy and adorable, but I feel like it's not professional and attractive to a wider audience (like teens/esp the male audience. you gotta admit my blog is kinda girly lookin') xD

Please, click to view the image full-size!

Please let me know your thoughts about my current and possible, new layout. :) Muchos thanks!! :)

Now on a tangent! Here's some thoughtshings that have been on my mind (with pictures!)

I've been yearning to get in the habit of sleeping earlier, but nevertheless, I always end up sleeping at 12am - which is late (although now typical) for me. Blogging can be quite distracting! Play Boggle with my mom at night also doesn't help me sleep early. xD I hope the college I go to has a Boggle club! I'm such a nerd.

I want to see Inception! I'm not big of mystery/strange/action films (when they're combined into one if y'know what I mean), but the cast looks great. Joseph Gordon Levitt.... *swoon*

Tomorrow my friend and I are finally hosting our mini recital! :DD (I mentioned this in one of my earlier posts and it's finally here!;) after much cheese sampling, my friend Jamie will be playing the flute as I play the piano for "On Wings of Song" by Mendelssohn. I'll try to take a video to upload on my blog! :)

I've been wanting to do an outfit post, but I've been wearing my - new - Kumon shirt - :DDD - or WARM shirt every other day! Hopefully you don't mind the lack of pretty clothes. I'll make up for it by posting pics of other people's outfits. xD

And because I like polar bears...

Please visit my tumblr here for image sources.

PS. Please, lemme know your thoughts about the new blog template! :)

song of the moment -
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janettaylor said...

Love the new designs for Ur blog! :) Orange background is warm for my heart. :D

Ali said...

I love the orange layout! It makes me le happy. Plus your outfit is so totally cayoot. I really like all of it. :D

Clara said...

lovely blog!

Erin said...

I love your blog so much! It's great!