Tuesday, June 1, 2010


life's been pretty hectic and tasks (all good stuff though) have been piling on me that even my agenda doesn't know how to respond! but as i was procrastinating on tumblr and crumbling under the pressure, i came across a sweet reminder to remember that life's about the good stuff, not about the stuff that'll bring me down.

so today? what am i thankful for?
  • the fact that i have a wonderful friend that'll write good things about my writing (english semester portfolio)
  • exciting event ideas the honor society exec board have come up with for the coming year (shout out to maggie for the help!)
  • my mom and her good food
  • sleep in wednesdays (my school is amazing like that)
  • friends to talk to on skype
  • school: that sounds crazy, but i do love learning. :)
  • and of course, sweet outfits i find daily on my campus (school can be a pretty inspiring place if you look at it closely) :)
what are you thankful for? :)

so moving on! the weather hasn't been glamorous, but nevertheless, i've been surprised by how many people are dressing so adorably! it's been hard to pick just a few outfits!

(click pictures to enlarge)

Sophomore Haley O'Rourke

haley, you may be the cutest person i have ever met - no lie.

outfit details:
shirt - nordstrom (for $13!)
cardigan - delias
belt - mom's :)
jeans - delias
shoes - h&m (for $10!)
this kid knows how to get good deals!

Junior Ashleigh Thomas

she always has this classy british feel

outfit details:
blazer - bp nordstrom
jeans - seven for all mankind via nordstrom
boots - american living via jcpenney
pin - valley of roses (vintage shop)
necklace - vera wang

and here's the outfit i wore todee. :)

(this was a mess-up picture, but it turned out alrighty) :)

outfit deets:
cardigan - H&M
shirt - express (xxs! not many brands with that size! woohoo!)
jeans - armani exchange
socks - korean stationary store :) (i can't wait to go again this summer!)
ring - banana republic

via (another pic i found via tumblr)
amen to that.


magpie said...


Your blog posts daily always boost my mood. I seriously finish reading with a smile on my face every time!

Thank you for the optimism in your posts and reminding me to be happpy!

And I love that the NHS meeting went well and that you are organizing new things!! Eeee!! it gives me butterflies of joy to think I could help you ;)

You're a doll and I love your clothes! I want to take a visit to your closet hehe. I love all the feminine/sweet/girly things you wear- it's adorable just like you sweetie pie!

Have a goood week!


janettaylor said...

What lovely socks!

Cherry said...

I am absoluttely in love with your cocks.. they are so cute and awesome :)

Taylor Sterling said...

very cute outfits!!

Leona said...

I'm thankful for mostly everything, but majority is for just being alive.

I love the sophomore's outfit. ;)

Signed, Leona.

Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} said...

Hello friend!!! I love this post, and I think it is so great to remember the good things in life and try your best not to worry about the things (or people) that get you down. I love all of these outfits, especially your's! Things I'm thankful for today...my love who is always on my side and always there with me through this journey of life, all that I have learned and the ways that I have grown through my experience in living in Italy, beauty products, summer clothes, and sweets! :)


Alix said...

Oh thankkk youuuuu ! Yes it's me on the pictures :D

libys11 said...

inspiring!! i love the fact that you're so optimistic about life! :D

and you have such chic friends! love all your outfits! :D

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