Saturday, May 29, 2010

it's a THONG

this weekend has been pretty great - except that i've been procrastinating again. :P

before i explain the quote in my post title, i'd like to announce my new hair cut! it's a little shorter than shoulder-length, so it's the shortest my hair's ever been for me (i normally cut it at shoulder-length). :)

after my hair cut, i went to see shrek forever after with a couple o' friends and it was fabulous! i absolutely love shrek and i'm so sad that the series (is that the right term?) is over. oh well, at least it happened right? while shrek 4 didn't have as many witty and hilarious details as the previous movies had, the moving story and trusty ol' characters made up for it - although i don't recall seeing the trannie man and three blind mice! :-O and i have to admit, i cried a lil bit at the end. ;) i won't give the details, just in case you haven't seen it, which you should!

shrek 4 trailer

so since you are going to see shrek, ;), i'd recommend seeing the previous ones. my favorite is probably the first, second, ok and third one. and then the fourth one. :)

here's one of my favorite scenes from shrek 2:
Shrek: Quick tell a lie!
Pinocchio: What should I say?
Donkey: Say something crazy... like you're wearing ladies underwear.
Pinocchio: Um, ok. I'm wearing ladies underwear.
Pinocchio: [silence]
Shrek: Are you?
Pinocchio: I most certainly am not.
Pinocchio: [nose extends] .
Donkey: It looks like you most certainly am are.
Pinocchio: I am not.
Pinocchio: [nose extends]
Puss-in-Boots: What Kind?
Gingerbread Man: IT'S A THONG!

and my favorite thing about shrek 4 is the fat puss-in-boots and piper guy (i wish i could make people dance as punishment).

and if you're going to be stubborn and not watch shrek, at least watch my favorite shrek video:

far faraway idol auditions
(it's a home-recording of the video, so the actual video starts at around 0:30)
my favorite contestants: pinocchio, prince charming, trannie man, three blind mice (they're my fav), pirate, and simon. i can watch this video all day and laugh every time. you dont understand how much i love shrek.


Asteria said...

i'm waiting for the latest shrek to come out here!!i love all of the previous ones can't WAIT!:)

ps: i'd love to follow your blog!:D

magpie said...

I think your hair is gorgeous!!! I seriously love it! The below shoulders makes you look so much older (in a good way) and so fresh! I love it!

Haha! I want to see shrek sooooo badly. My honey and I were going to see it today actually, but we ended up going to see letters to juliet! It was a beautiful movie too!


P.S. congrats on the 50 followers!!!!

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

Your hair looks great and I like that line from shrek, gingerbread man is my favourite.

Panda said...

Just found your blog,
You have such great style :-)
I love this outfit espesh.
Panda xx

Missy M said...

i love your hair!

High street + Couture =

Mary & Aly said...

haii erin ...:))
thanks for your sweet comment ..
your blog is soo cute ...

come and see it yourself that we have translate our blog in english ...

lots of kisses aly

Catherine said...

Your hair looks awesome! That length suits you so well - I always think shorter hair makes people look older but not in a mom-haircut way.

And I'm really not sure about colleges - frankly, I think it'll end up depending on where I get the most financial aid. There's a slim chance I'll go out west, but chances are, I'll stay on the east coast... anywhere from Rhode Island (RISD) to NYC (NYU, Pratt) or staying in Philly.

Where were you looking?

Camilla said...

sweetblog, and thanks for commenting!


Leona said...

I watched Shrek 4 just recently. :) I still like the second movie best.

Cherry said...

Thank you :) you are gorgeous in these pictures. I Can write more pots in english.. because I have seen that more abroard people visited my blog.... And NOW! I am following u! :) Have a nice day , Cherry

Anonymous said...

thankyou so much for the comment (: i love your new haircut, it suits you so much. the trailer for the new shrek movie looks hilarious. i wanna see it! x

A Stylish Mixture said...

You looks so pretty in these pictures. Procrastinating. I took a break of doing that to comment on blogs(:

harajukuloveee said...

youve got a new follower!your blog is absolulty adorable, i love those outfit post and that studded tee your wearing is awsome, love it ;)
(plus, i love michael bublé, such a gentleman ;)