Friday, April 16, 2010

a week in photos &moreee

sorry for not updating all this week! i'm so glad the weekend is here; it's been a wacko week, but visiting an NYU college info session and adventuring Seattle's Olympic Sculpture Park should be inspiring. :) super excited!

as for now, here are some pics from my week! and fun links to fill your weekend! next week, i'll try to post pics from austria and germany. :)

(click photos to make larger/better photo quality) :]


sweater - Ciel boutique
dress - papaya
tights - GAP
boots - cathy jean

movie night with Art Appreciation Association
we saw Under the Same Moon (ie La Misma Luna). the spanish film won the 2007 Sundance Film Festival. it's about a mexican boy who travels to the US to find his mother (click the link for more info). i dont know how to emphasize this more but.... YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS MOVIE! it made me cry so much - definitely adding it to my favs list (and i've seen many movies in my time, trust me). i promise you will be moved, if not cry.

(he is such a good actor!!!)

this is my friend Kaitlyn. & yes, she looks exactly like that. isn't she trendy? ;]

a real messy bun (my hair doesn't do that cool frenchie relaxed bun, mine looks more like a porcupine...)

and funny comic. :)


back to basicssssstripes

shirt - store in s. korea
khakis - same store in s. korea (but i forget the name...) :/


city slicker:
fun nyc lemonade stand stories
"Sometimes I worry that the bakery across the street will get angry because we steal their business."
"You know it’s good if they point their finger at you, 'Ahahahaha.'"

quiz: what type are you?
(as in font type)
(his voice/fake(?) accent is freakin' annoying, but it's a fun quiz).
(I am Pistilli Roman! What are you?)

go nautical

guessing game: guess which breakfast is from which country?

i wanna be a lil frenchie

purple thunder

1950s red dress

songs of the moment -
Michael Jackson - Blood on the Dance Floor
(my GOSH MJ is thee best dancer ever. the beginning sounds kinda very 80s, but it gets soooo good)
Monty Python/
Life of Brian - Always Look on the Bright Side of Life (another great movie, so hilarious!)
(both songs are on my playlist)


Anonymous said...

I remember the days of APUSH! Those were crazy days. I liked AP Euro so much better, but APUSH was just nothing but facts being thrown at me everywhere!

also, I love batman too!

oh, about link exchanges, I never really got into that, but if I ever do, I'll be sure to let you know! =]

J. said...

It looks like it's been a good week! I can't wait to read about your upcoming trips! So exciting!

musings said...

erin your bun makes me proud :) haha
love isabelle

raven said...

If all weeks are like that one, looks like ima have to come check back! ;)
the bat comment cracked me up + I was moved by the trailer alone on that 'under the same moon' movie you mentioned! you've got great humor + style kiddo :)


rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

darn! that movie isn't on netflix instant play! have you seen rudo y cursi? it's my next thing to watch...

also, this american life showtime series is da bomb!!