Saturday, April 10, 2010

come fly away with me to pah ri

Lee Jenkins Photography

Here are some photos from my one-day journey to Paris last Spring. :) (click to make them larger)

The cosmopolitan outfit I wore to France

argyle cardigan - Esprit (Germany)
dress and leggings - market in London
(I didn't bring any other shoes besides converse, so I had to wear those, but they didn't look as bad with the outfit as I thought they would!)

Notre Dame Cathedral
I think Parisians are somewhat easily fascinated. These two other guys that were in my travel group always hackey sacked on the streets and passerby-er's would "ooo!" and "ahhh!" like they'd never seen people hackey sack before! It was so funny! I wish we would've put a hat out or something; I know they would've gave money to us.

And this lady was just standing in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral and people were so enthralled! I think my friends hackey sacking was much more entertaining than this lady...

Waitress (lady below).

This was a beef paste sorta thing. It sounds kinda gross, but holy gaucamole, it was phenomal!!! The French know good food.

An hour at the Louvre:

Viva la vida!

Napoleon's Coronation was my favorite of all the paintings -that I got to see- in the Louvre. I saw it in my textbook before, but seeing it eye to eye in real life was amazing. The grandeur of ever brush stroke is just genius. I love everything about this painting.

People pics:

Rockin' the Burberry (I don't think she was French though, judging from her accent when she walked by. Probably Italian?)

The guy on the very left was part of my travel group who always hackey sacked as I mentioned earlier. The rest of the guys asked him to take a picture of them. I wish I had sneaked a photo when they posed together; they were so gorgeous!! xD

This lady was so pretty (and French), I had to snap a shot. She seemed very sad for some reason though...

Until next time Paris!Check out this link and you can see France for yourself from your computer screen.

French Fashion: them Frenchies and their stripes

Song(s) of the moment -
BB Brunes - Lalalalove You (#2 on my playlist to the right. My French friend introduced me to it)
The Count's Real Song

This video has cracked me up all week. It's a bit inappropriate, but I almost gaurantee you will laugh... out loud! I've shared it with about 10 of my friends because it was so hilarious. WATCH IT! ;)


magpie said...

Aw, cute Erin!! I love it :)
I want to go to Paris SOO badly. Or just...anywhere. sigh.

The french ladies are pretty-but so are you!!

P.S. I'm coming to seattle this week for a school trip. Cool, no?


Love always,

jamiesuee said...

hahahahahahahahaha the count. it will forever make me laugh.

Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

Beautiful pics! xxx

janettaylor said...

Love the first 3 pics. :)

Inspiration in Italy said...

These photos are amazing, I would love to visit Paris someday! You look so pretty too!!!


Karen said...

Que bonitas tus fotos de París y Londres!! cuándo pueda volvera a los dos sitios (aunque mi favorito es Londres ;))
Muy graciosa tu foto de la estatua jajajja
Besos !!

rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

i LOVE the song playing on your blog right now! right up my alley...

i so miss paris and these photos make me wanna go back right now!

Marz said...

Amazing Erin! I love these travel posts of yours. You look so adorable!

J. said...

I love the Count! Hahaha!

Love those travel pictures! Paris, so romantic!

Anonymous said...

ah...romantic paris. :)
and i died laughing from that video. XD

English Rose ♥ said...

My favourite city (apart from London and New York) - love the pics! and the BB Brunes!

Merci beaucoup for stopping by darling =]

Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
English Rose x

I'm not only said...

I lived in France for a year so I love Paris very much. I think is a perfect romantic ;) Nice pics! Thanks for visiting my blog!!


Anonymous said...

I just came to your blog and left it on to listen to music. I thought I'd say thanks for the awesome tracks! And your pics are so fantastic too. =]

Sick by Trend said...

Fantastic post.. the photos are incredible and Paris is gorgeous!! i love your blog!! looks our blog and if you like it, follow us!!

XxX from Spain!