Tuesday, February 9, 2010

trench coat overload with a touch of dashing

The new Burberry Spring/Summer 2010 campaign looks awesome. I think it so fresh to have such hip and young people modeling for the new season. And the more I read about and watch interviews of Emma Watson, the more pretty and wonderful I think she is. The other males campaigning with her are George Craig, frontman of indie band, One Night Only (soo good!), Max Hurd, a grandson of The Lord Hurd of Westwell, former Foreign Secretary, (that's one classy name, I can't imagine anyone saying "yo, waddup Lord Hurd?"), and Matt Gilmour, the son of Pink Floyd's David Gilmour.

"This campaign celebrates our heritage and our timeless Burberry icons. The energy of the images and the dynamic cast reflect the different attitudes and expressions of the Burberry guy and girl." - Christopher Bailey, Creative Director for Burberry

"[Emma Watson] has a classic, effortless beauty and is incredibly talented." - Christopher Bailey

George Craig, Christopher Bailey, & Emma Watson

"I’m a happy chappy." - Christopher Bailey (I love this quote. Haha)

George Craig and his band. (All their poses make me chuckle, but I guess I like the quirkiness.) :)

You and Me - One Night Only
(new fav band? i think yes) :)

Its About Time - One Night Only


Marz said...

I've never seen Harry Potter (can you believe it?!) but she looks really great in the Burberry ads. But more then her, I like the coats she wears!

Karen said...

I love Buberry trenchs!!! They are simply the best. I really like the new campain I'm agree with you, is so fresh!

Escribes muy bien el español ;) Yo tengo que reanudar mis clases de inglés ya!


Silverbeige said...

Hallo Erin &:) Thank you for your comment on my blog it made me happy! I love Burberry trenchs too and the whole Burberry philosophy. It is timeless, forever stylish!!

Erika said...

Oh, to own a Burberry Trench would be a dream come true. Emma always looks so stunning in the editorials. And, I must admit, the boys are quite cute, as well!! :)

Stacy said...

love the campaigns, she's so gorgeous


FEDERICA said...

Wish you a fantastic Valentine's Day!
Don't miss my giveaway:-)

rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

love these good mood tunes! also, that ketchup post made me hungry.

thanks for all your comments on the photobooth! you are so on point!


S.Elisabeth said...

I adore Emma Watson. She made me want to go to Brown even more! But, sadly, financially I could never make Brown work (loongg story there), so I didn't bother applying and wasting the $70 application fee =(

Faux Naif said...

i know what you mean, i think that emma watson is one of the few young celebrities who looks legitimately lovely.

The Lion & The Unicorn said...

We think they made a great choice with her,
she looks absolutely beautiful! a classic beauty.

Melinda said...

isn't one of them her brother or something? that's what I heard, anyway. one day we'll both own snazzy little burberry trenches