Monday, February 8, 2010

reaching for the stars

Ever since 6th grade, I've always wanted to attend Yale. I'm not sure why, but something about its prestige and myriad opportunities catches my eye. I mean, Yale is a renown and exclusive university, but I want to go there not for the brand name, and not to feel like some preppy elite, but I think I would belong there.

All my life I've wanted to be surrounded by people that actually care about learning and have a vision to go beyond the norm and achieve great things. I know, I can do that at a different school, but with such selection, there's bound to be a concentration of dedicated and motivated students. That's what I'm looking for. And on top of that, the campus is gorgeous, they have an organic garden, and New Haven is apparently a b-e-a-u-tiful city.

I remember visiting the campus when I was... 12, and all I remember is the sushi restaurant across the campus and the Hogwarts-esque architecture. But listening to past students talking about there Yalie experience and just thinking about it makes me go nuts. I probably sound like a complete nerd, but man, I'd do anything to go there...Not to mention they have an awesome admissions video that is... let's say, out of the norm.

So, the video explains that's why he chose Yale. The problem is, how do I get accepted into Yale? :P Well, we'll see if I can do it. I still have until fall to prepare for college apps! (Wow, now that I think about it, that's a lot sooner than I imagined...) Wish me good luck (and good luck to everyone else out there that feels the same way I do; maybe we'll all meet up there)!

And if any Yale alumni, or any college nerd happens to serendipitously encounter my blog, I'd love to hear about your experience there and any advice you have. :)


The Style Rider said...

Ahaha. It's good you have goals.
Rori Gilmore<3
Gilmore Girls is my obsession with my mom.
She went to Yale. (in the series.)

Delilah Winter Wolf said...

GOOD LUCK! Yale really looks awesome!

thanks for your comment :)

Marz said...

Good luck! :) I'm sure you can do it! That's going to be quiet the accomplishment!

ps, thank you so much for the sweet comments on my blog, they really mean a lot to me!

Melinda said...

you have your own charity thing, youre intelligent, youre the friendliest person I know, and you write in CURSIVE, how can yale not accept you? haha