Friday, February 12, 2010

la semana en los colores

Mid-winter break has just started and I'm so glad I finally get a chance to rest. I slept at 12:30 am last night studying for my Advanced American History test. Egad! And tomorrow, I'm going to the Seattle Art Museum with my school's Art Appreciation Association (it's basically a club, but the "association" part makes it sound official, haha). To celebrate a new relaxing week, here's my last week in photos:

Lunes: stripes and khakis for school, then an internship interview with WARM 106.9 (and guess what? I'll be working with them this summer! I can't wait!!) for those not from the Northwest, WARM usually plays 'easy-listening' tunes, and plays Christmas songs all day every day during December (if only there was a station that played Christmas tunes all-year round!).

Shirt: Club Monaco

Vest: Papaya Clothes

Necklace: Banana Republic

Martes: wore my favorite cardigan from Germany. argyle = wonderful!

Cardigan: Esprit
Jeans: Armani Exchange

Miercoles: comfy cozy in my Panda socks from South Korea. (S.Korea has the best socks, I have to show you my fake Louis Vuitton and Chanel socks later!) (and the bedsheets in the pics are from Germany)

Jueves: a green diamond & a cardigan

Cardigan: Delias
Necklace: gift from my mother

Viernes: shades of grey + skinny jeans

Shirt: Fossil via thrift store
Jeans: Vigoss Jeans kids ;)

Anddd be sure to check out Federica's fantabulous Valentine's Day giveaway! What better way to share the love? :)

PS. My music player is under progress... for some reason it's just not working. :S


Silverbeige said...

Hallo Erin,
Your comments made me happy, too! It was nice to hear that I was your first follower!! &:)
Anyway, I love your simple style! You have such a beautiful asian face in that mirror and the simple style dresses emphasize your natural beauty. You do very well!
Enjoy your weekend!&:)

Marz said...

What a cute concept; a week in photos! I am in love with those panda socks, they are tooooo cute for words!

Mariel Torres said...

i love the teardrop necklace... it is very pretty :)